With Your Love

Kristen Blank is your average 16 year old. She just broke up with her boyfriend and doesn't know what to do. One of her best friends is flirting with him and her other gets abused by her dad. Can anything good happen for once? She doesn't want to get close to anyone since every time she does, they leave. That is until she meets Liam Payne. At first, they're just friends but will that change and will Kristen finally let someone in? ( this is my first movella)


1. USA Here We Come!!

                                                                ~Chapter 1~

                                                          -----Liam's POV:-----

Today, me and four of my best friends are moving to the U.S! It's a little town called Jamison, PA. When my alarm clock goes off, I jump out of bed immediately.

"Time to get up boys!" I yell. Everyone except Harry is up. I walk into the bathroom and grab a cup of water. I tiptoe into Harry's room and dump it on his head. He falls off the bed and turns beat red.

"What the hell was that for?" he yells, standing up.

"Our flight is in three hours. We have to leave in thirty minutes so you have to get ready," I say, smirking at his dripping wet hair. That perked him up.

"Wow, I almost forgot. This seems so unreal, leaving England," he says, clearly deep in thought.

"I know, but you better hurry, or we're leaving without you," I said, closing his door as I walked downstairs to get breakfast. Everyone was already eating, so I grabbed a plate and sat next to Niall. "Don't you even think about taking my food," I said to him as he eyed the bacon. I swear, he would marry food if he could.

He looked disappointed for a minute, but it turned to excitement as Louis shouted, "We're going to the U.S!"

"Way to state the obvious, Lou," Zayn said, laughing. We finally heard Harry come down the stairs. Louis jumped up and gave him a huge hug as if he hadn't seen him in forever.

"You're alive, mate! We thought you would never wake up," he said in a dramatic voice. Sometimes I wonder what runs through his mind. He acts like a little kid. Just then, we heard a car beep.

"Well, there's our ride," I say, picking up my suitcase and bags. I pulled out my phone to text my mom that the key was under the mat. She wished me a good flight and told me she would miss me. Wow. This is really it, I think, getting into the car.

                                                         -----Kristen's POV-----

I feel around for the snooze button as my alarm clock goes off for the third time. I finally decide to get up and slide on white skinny jeans, my favorite navy blue cardigan, and my gray knit Uggs, then head into the bathroom to straighten my hair. My friends like when I wear my hair natural, but I hate it. One day it'll be nice and wavy, but the next day, it's almost in curls. I walk downstairs, where my dad is making eggs on the stove. After I eat, I head off to the bus stop and wait with my friend, Erin.

"Did you hear that we're getting new students soon?" she asks, a smile lighting up her face, "I think they're from the UK."

"Really?" I ask, getting on the bus and sitting down. It's not very often that we get students from other countries, so I'm happy.

"True shit." She says, chewing her gum a little louder then normal when Sean walks up. What is up with her and Sean lately? Acting cooler when he walks up, and normally I wouldn't care, but he's my ex. I've always felt like she liked him, even when we were going out and this just proves it.

                                                           -----Erin's POV-----

As soon as Sean walks up my palms begin to sweat. With butterfly's in my stomach I begin chewing louder, making sure he notices me. I've liked him ever since right after him and Kristen started going out and it bugged me that she had him.

"Hey," I say, maybe a little too eagerly. Damn. Hopefully he won't notice my un straightened hair. My alarm didn't go off on time today.

"Hey," he says, looking right past me at Kristen. That bitch is always taking the guys. I mean they broke up two months ago and what does he even see in her. I'm much prettier than her, I mean I've got the body and all. She pisses me off sometimes, I think, rolling my eyes.

"Is something wrong?" Kristen asks, staring at me. She must have seen me roll my eyes.

"No, everything's fine. I just had something in my eye," I say, trying to hide the bitterness in my voice. Then I thought of something. "Hey Sean, are you doing anything Friday night? Maybe we can go see a movie or something," I ask, mentally face planting for sounding so nervous.

"Um...sorry. I don't think I can," he replies, obviously wanting to change the subject.

"Oh, ok. Maybe some other time," I say, not trying to hide my disappointment.

                                                             -----Kristen's POV-----

What the hell did she just ask him? I wanted to punch her so bad for even thinking that.I thought she was my friend but, what a bitch. I'm probably just taking something the wrong way. She wouldn't do anything like that. Just forget it, I tell myself. Just then, Gabby gets on the bus and sits next to me. I feel horrible for how her dad treats her. He acts like she means nothing to him and she's a waste of his breath to talk to. I've seen what he does to her. He abuses her and if that's not bad enough, she cuts because she feels useless. And I can say she is far from useless. He mom died when she was six, and that's when everything started going downhill. I get snapped out of my thoughts by someone calling me.

"Kristen are you ok?" Gabby asks, seeing my face.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I say, deciding to tell her everything later.

                                                            -----Gabby's POV-----

Thank god for the bus, I could tell my dad was in a bad mood today. Right as I came downstairs he started towards me.School is my only getaway now-a-days. Once I get on the bus, I know something was wrong. Kristen's staring intensely out the window while Erin's at the edge of her seat. Almost in Sean's seat across the aisle, why is she throwing herself at him? It's only been two months since the big break up. We pull up to school and get off the bus. I walk with Kristen to the auditorium.

"How's everything going at home?" she asks.

"Same old," I say, lifting my sleeve to reveal the cuts and bruises on my arm.

"Why do you let him do that to you?! You should really call the cops. I hate seeing you hurt."

"I would but he will hurt me and you know what he does to punish me. I'm scared, Kristen," I say trying not to let my voice shake.

"It's ok, I'm here for you. You don't have to be scared. If it gets really bad, you can talk to guidance. I'm sure they can do something, " she says.

"Maybe," I mumble, then change the subject, "so what was with you and Erin on the bus?" She stops for a moment, as if arguing with herself whether or not to tell me, then continues walking and she spills everything that's on her mind to me. She tells me how Erin was flirting with Sean and asked him to go to the movies.

"She's just a bitch," I say, trying to reassure her.

"I guess," she mumbles. The bell rings and we say goodbye. This is going to be a long day.

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