One Direction Valentines Day

My entry for their valentines day contest :)


1. Falling Again

" Wow Abi. This is not what we should be doing tonight." We were stuck in an airport on Valentines Day....with no cell phone service. We were hoping for this to be our 1st V-Day with a boyfriend, but we were obviously out of luck.

" Hello. What are your two pretty faces doing here alone on Valentines Day. Don't you have a boy to go home to?"

" Well, no. Have you seen the blizzard outside? We're stuck here at least until morning. We don't have anyone to go home to anyways." Abi was such a smart alec.

" Oh, sorry. Can we sit with you guys for the night? We have nowhere else to go." He winked at Abi.

" Yea! I mean....sure. That's cool." She was anxious. The blone, irish one sat down next to Abi, and the brunette sat next to me.

" So what's your name, love." Aww how sweet of him, totally not flirting at all.

" I'm Maddie and I'm guessing your Liam. I heard them talking about you."

" Yup, that's me, in the flesh and face." Wow his accent was cute.

" So, Maddie, what's your name and where are ya from?"

" Wow, nice line. I'm from Michigan, Davison to be sp-pacific."

" Wow, nice speech."

" Thanks. So, now you know me . Tell me about yourself, sir?"

" My names Liam, I'm 16, and I'm from Wolverhampton, UK. I also think your very pretty."

"Aww, thanks, but im not going to kiss you from just you saying i'm pretty."

" Fair enough, but I think your friend thinks differently." I turn around to see Abi and Niall kissing.

" Abi gross! Get a room!" Love at first sight my butt.

" So, Maddie, do you want to walk with me? Just around the airport and such."

" Umm, okay!" I was nervous. I was trusting him too much for just meeting him a few minutes ago. Oh well. He helps me up and we start on our way. We turn into a little room and he shuts the door behind him.

" What are you doing?" Im suspicious...

" Maddie, from the first minute I saw you, I was in love with you. You were singing and........"

" You heard me singing!!" A tear ran down my cheek, he hated it.

" Yes, and I loved it. Your eyes are mesmerizing and you are so amazing, at least what I know of you."

He leaned in really close to my face. He was so amazing. His big brown eyes locked onto mine and he bit his bottom lip.

" So, how are you?" I just had to ruin his moment, didn't I. I'm so mean ;).

" Just shut up." He winked and all of a sudden I felt his lips touch mine. I felt it, a zing. You only zing once in your life, and my "zing" was Liam. We kissed and it made my life.

"so, that was fun." I winked and left the room. What a valentines day. I met my zing. We went straight to the airport and changed my plane ticket, First Class to London.



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