your like no other girl

hey guys, this is for 1shot41D competition
About : Alisha and her best friend Amy recently moved from Ireland to London.When valentine's day comes around neither of them have boyfriends.But on valentines day Alisha goes for a quiet stroll in the park but when she bumps in to someone does change her life


1. valentines day doesn't get any better than this

Alisha's POV 

I've been dreading this day since the second I woke up.It just another crappy valentines day.I get up go to the kitchen and make pancakes eat them,wake up Amy and tell her to eat the rest of the pancakes (which is not very many 2-3 pancakes),have a shower get dressed.Go for a walk in the park.Go into Starbucks grab a iced coffee.

I walk outside and start to walk home.I watch couples surprise each other with amazing present.I walk with my head down thinking to my self 'will that be one day'.Then I bump into someone we both fall I land on top of him.I spill coffee."damn I am so sorry," I say climbing of him."best valentines day ever," I mumble to my self "excuse me what do you think your doing tripping of my boyfriend up spilling coffee all over my boyfriend."tears start swelling up in my eyes I try to hold them back I just can't they come down my face.I run off.

Niall's POV

"What the hell were you doing making her feel so bad when she is so gorgeous,I'm not even your boyfriend I'm your step brother you can be a real idiot sometime Annette," I say well practically yell

I ran off following her foot steps I see her "wait" I yell at her I run fast as I can to her I grab  ."Look my stepsister can get a bit protective of me sometimes," I say gently "your stepsister how come she said you were her boyfriend." Like I said she can get a bit protective anyway I'm Niall Horan and you are "Alisha Anderson can I have have your number so we can meet again.

Alisha's POV

I get home and jump on my bed and text Niall 

me: best valentines day eva

Niall: Same here <3 meet me at the spot that you spilt coffee on me at 3pm

me: defiantly and sorry  

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