love is amazing.....

Could you ever imagine a freaking life with a pop star?I surely can.Well only the fact that he fell in love with me and i slowly became to him.This is just a little info of it.Not everyone could have gotten this opportunity.I'm Stacy and i am living this life with my love Harry.


9. Who's that?

Harry's P.O.V


We're inside the resort our manager reserved for us.I don't even notice until the last minute that we have a balcony with the beach right in our face.I go out to look at the kids and the family's have fun.................until i turn and see something else.

As i turn i see this brown haired girl with a white transparent long dress and i guess her bikini is under.She's staring at the sunset.I smile and decide to go to the beach too.

I grab all the stuff i think im gonna need.(blanket).

I make my way to the beach and look at the sunset as well.......then i raise my head to see if the girl is still there.She is!!

I leave my stuff to the side for a while then act as if i just came to relax too.

I slowly walk up to her.

"are you new here?"i ask her kinda quietly.She turns to me very rapidly,then smiles."yeah.....actually this is my vacation.Im staying here for about 2 weeks." she says softly.Then i remember that that's the amount of time im spending here.

"me staying here for 2 weeks"i add.An awkward moment arises,...then i quickly find a solution to it.

"hey.....umm..................would you like to get in the water"i ask her as she looks at me like if it were a scary question."oh no!!!!!i can't go in there after what happened..........i can't trust it"she says gaspingly.

"what??" i ask her confused.

"it's a long story" she reply's as she try's to leave....i grab her arm."i like long story's"i say quietly....

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