love is amazing.....

Could you ever imagine a freaking life with a pop star?I surely can.Well only the fact that he fell in love with me and i slowly became to him.This is just a little info of it.Not everyone could have gotten this opportunity.I'm Stacy and i am living this life with my love Harry.


12. that night

Stacy's P.O.V


I run into my room crying silently to try not to wake up hannah.

"no i don't like you ok????" i say quietly.

Then i go to the bathroom and change into some shorts and a tank top. letting my hair fall.But since in the bahamas it's really hot i take my tank top off just leaving me with the bikini top.

I decide to go out to the balcony and sit down to watch him sit there and stare at the ocean.I kinda feel bad about what i did but i mean...........i don't like him right now and he can't just kiss me like that.

After a while he finally gets up and makes his way to the inside.As he goes to the office he notices me staring at him.

He stops and just stares at me then he just keeps walking.

"Wait!!!"i yell to him.He stops and looks at me.

I start to come back to my skills and i recognize him.........harry styles.

"wait there please"i say as i get the keys and a sweater.I go barefoot since he does too.

I get down to him and go straightly to him running and just jump into him to hug him.

"im sorry you couldn't kiss me.but ..............thank you for trying to get my fear of the water out"

i let go of him and stare at him whilst he does the same.

"so?" he says letting go of me and trying to walk away.

"harry don't go i-" i was cut off by him......"how do you know my name?" he stops and i say "one direction the best boy band in the world right now!"

 he comes to me and says "your a fan?"i turn around"that's not the point ok?"he puts his hand on my shoulder to turn me around.

"what is your name?"

i stop and say"stacy". He smiles and says "well i like you so you know that i can't be mad at you"

"love me or like me?" i ask breathing improperly..............

"like you" he replys.

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