love is amazing.....

Could you ever imagine a freaking life with a pop star?I surely can.Well only the fact that he fell in love with me and i slowly became to him.This is just a little info of it.Not everyone could have gotten this opportunity.I'm Stacy and i am living this life with my love Harry.


6. Plane ride

Stacy's P.O.V


It's about 4:30 p.m and we only have 2 more hours.Right now im listening to music and i accidentally get into the music too much and start singing out loud to 'call me maybe'.............."hey i just met you".............i don't notice the looks of everyone.

"but here's my number,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so call me maybe" then i feel a tap and a real hard one.I look at hannah and she's staring at me angrily.Before i know it she yanks one of my earphones,"people are trying to relax Stacy!!" my Bff says.

I look at her then roll my eyes"ok sorry i just got in the music too much"i whisper as i put my earphones back.


Harry's P.O.V


All of us are in the private jet waiting two more hours to get to the Bahamas."Wow i actually thought i wasn't going to be bored" louis says cause he's slouching.

"you aren't louis,we have two more hours and we have 2 weeks in this place."i say drinking some tea.



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