love is amazing.....

Could you ever imagine a freaking life with a pop star?I surely can.Well only the fact that he fell in love with me and i slowly became to him.This is just a little info of it.Not everyone could have gotten this opportunity.I'm Stacy and i am living this life with my love Harry.


7. Bahamas!!!

Stacy's P.O.V


I fell asleep for like an hour and 29 min."Stacy!!!!we're here!!"i hear hannah whisper with soo much excitement. I open my eyes and turn to the window view.

This is the bahamas!!!!!!!

"OMG!!!!!!hannah!!!!this is the bahamas like we're here omg!!"i gasp and can't breath really good because im just soo exited.!

Harry's P.O.V


I look out the window and find a beach and all these tropical things."guys we're here"i yell.Everyone wakes up"what?!!?!?!hazzah"louis moans."WE'RE HERE GUYS!GET UP AND GET READY TO PARTY!!!"i scream now.

Then all the guys get up and go to the bathroom.

I smile and sit down to stare at the amount of excitement i can see the bahamas has so far.Slowly the plane starts to descend and i can see the view clearer.


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