love is amazing.....

Could you ever imagine a freaking life with a pop star?I surely can.Well only the fact that he fell in love with me and i slowly became to him.This is just a little info of it.Not everyone could have gotten this opportunity.I'm Stacy and i am living this life with my love Harry.


5. Airport.

Stacy's P.O.V


We get off the taxi and go right into the airport where there is the biggest line i could have never imagined."oh god Hannah do you think we'll make it?"i say looking around for a clear or at least small line.

"yes Stacy the flight is at 8:49a.m. we still have time."she says while we walk around.

I finally find a clear spot for baggage check,and quickly rush to it.

After all that pocket touching and machinery going thru,me and Hannah finally get to the seats where we have to wait until boarding."ugh im so happy this is happening right now!!" i say looking out to the planes from the big windows.can't wait!


Harry's P.O.V


To us it doesn't matter what time we get to the airport but it cant be after 8:50 and it's 8:43 but we are nearly at the private jet parking.

"ok guys are you ready?" i ask the boys while our limo parks it self.

Everyone says "YES!!!!"

Here comes the plane ride!


Stacy's P.O.V


It's time for us to board and departure at 9:00.So me and hannah go give the people our tickets and go into the tube where we go into the plane.

We get inside the plane and grab our seats.Where we will wait till our plane rides off in the white clouds.:)

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