changing back to the old ways

what happens when Liam Payne comes home from tour with the guys and finds out his sister Amber is in jail?


2. chapter 1


(At the airport picking up Liam)

Karen (Liams and Ambers mom) P.O.V.

All I have been thinking is how am I gonna tell Liam about his sister, he has to know. I was deep in thought that I didnt know Liam and his friends were here until Liam hugged me and said "Hey mum" "Hey honey" I said hugging back. We let go and I looked at my watch and whispered "crap" to myseft. "Ok everyone hurry up and go get your bags we gotta go!" I said. They went and got their bags and we left.

Once we got close I pulled over and told them I`ll be right back and left to go get Amber out of jail. I got in and did the rountine and went to sign the paper to get her out. Once I was done they let her out and she got her bag and followed me out. Once we were close to the car I said "you know Liams home right?" "NO I DIDNT KNOW THAT BUT I DONT CARE EITHER" she yelled. "Well he is and he dont know about this yet" I said. "WHAT SO KNOW YOUR ASHAMED OF YOUR OWN FUCKING DUAGHTER?" she yelled. I stoped talking but once she saw the car she ran.

Liams POV

We were all talking when I looked out the window and saw my sister run with a red face full of angry. When mum got in I asked her why she ran. "Because she always runs away to cool down then comes home or ends up somewhere" she answered. "What do you mean?" I asked. "She just got out of jail today" she whispered. "WHAT?!!? WHY WAS SHE IN JAIL??? HOW MANY TIMES HAVE SHE BEEN??WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME??" I yelled. "We`ll talk about this later just calm down" she said. I took deep breaths to try and calm down but it didnt make since.

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