Moonflower (On Hold)

What would you do if your life was turned upside down? Parents died and suddenly you were kidnapped by someone who knows more about you then you do. Luna is forced to marry someone she doesn't even know to save her life, now that she has entered a world full of magic and death will she fall or Kile? will she accept who she really is?

Rissa Marie Copyright 2014: All Rights Reserved


1. Chapter One


Moonflower   Chapter one: the beginning.    Ok so maybe my life hasn’t always been this way. I was just like you, normal. Then everything changed when I met Kile, who new I would give up everything to a person that I just met, but destiny makes you do crazy things. I’m Lunaria Nightshade and this is my story.   The sun was up as the soft aroma of flowers filled the air. I walked along the road on my way to Crescent high. My black hair was past my waist and was wavy. My sliver eyes locked on my destination, school. I was warring a purple dress with black boots. I wore just a touch of make-up, my pail skin didn’t need much. I was dreading the though of going to school,  the thing was I loved school. There isn’t much to hate when you have strait A’s and great friends. But I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that something was going to happen today. I didn’t know what but I was still worried.    I was a worrier, I had a reason to be. A week before my parents died, they told me that on the next full moon someone would come for me. They said that I should be careful with who I trust and that they loved me. At the time I didn’t know why they would say such a thing but now I do. The week that they told me this was two weeks ago. Last week on Wednesday  I got the call wile I was at school, that my parents had been murdered.   That night when my aunt brought me home there was a letter on my desk from my parents. This is what it said.  Dear Lunaria,  We know by the time you read this that your father and I will already be gone. We need you warn you about the next full moon. Someone will come for you when the Moonflower blooms at its highest, then it will be time for you to go. You have gifts, gifts that you wont even begin to understand. Just know when you find out that we keept it from you because we love you. You have a greater future than anyone we know.  Your heart is to pure and that can be used agents you. There is a ring under my bed in a black box. That ring will keep you safe when he comes. Be safe my darling and know that we love you Luna. We know you always wanted to be called that. We love you remember that when you learn what you are.  Always love, Mom and Dad.    The ring that I found was a blue topaz flower with diamonds in it. I didn’t understand why they would tell me this but tonight was the full moon, I will find out then.  It was after school and I was at home, my Aunt gets home around 8 at night. My room was quiet at the aroma of the cool night came in. my room was blue with purple carpet and bed. The moonflower my parents gave me on the window. The flower was at full bloom, it was now 7. I wore a pair of black shorts and a purple top, my favorite colors if you haven’t caught on by now. I when downstairs to get my homework.   I woke up to a loud noise in my room. It was midnight and my aunt was in bed. The full moon streamed in to my room. There was a guy at the foot of my bed. He had blond hair and blue eyes. He wore a black top and jeans.  “ Who are you?” I asked  “ Kile, and I am here to take you with me.” he said and smiled. Even with the light I had I could tell he had a great smile.  “ No your not. This may come to a surprise to you but I don’t care what you say you cant make me do anything.” I said then glared at him.  “ No Lunaria I cant but my pack and I can.”  “ How do you know my name?” he was starting to scare me.  “ You don’t know anything, do you?”  “ Know what?”  “ ok, when you were little the pack leader came to your parents when you were born. He was going to kill you. You are a Halfling and you were to die. The only way your parents could keep you alive was to offer them a deal. You were to marry the pack next pack leader the full moon after your 16th birthday. Your parents being killed was not ment to happen but they tried to keep you away from us, I did not kill them. Rather the witches did.”   I looked at him like he had three heads. What does he mean? Witches, pack leader? What’s a Halfling?  “ what do you mean?”  “ Lunaria you are one of us. You are a werewolf and a witch.” My mind was spinning. There was no ware I could run or hide from this. If he was telling the truth, witch I doubted I would never marry a complete stranger. I got up and ran to the door. The wood floor was cool on my feet. I was almost at the door when I heard  growling from behind me. I turned around slowly and there was a wolf, a blond wolf and kile was missing.   I ran into my closet and closed the door. The wolf was coming closer to me. Now it was just outside my closet door. Lunaria I’m not going to hurt you.  The voice came from inside my head and it wasn’t mine it was kile’s    “ How do I know that?” I whimpered. I backed even further agents my closet.    If I wanted you dead you would be already. I’m going to change back now.  The growling disappeared and the door opened, the wolf was gone. Kile was the wolf.  “Lunaria come out or I’m coming in.” his tone of voice was assertive. I backed into the corner of my closet and hid behind my dresses. A tall figure came into the closet it was kile. “ Luna, you can trust me.” He sighed and I was lifted off the ground  and into his arms.  “ What the heck are you doing.” I yelled he just laughed.  “ Heck?”  “ you didn’t answer my question.” I stated we were out of the closet and I was still in his arms. I felt like a child.   “ I am bringing you home, my home.” he said and started to walk over to the window. I struggled in his arms.  “ Just leave me alone!” I screamed.  “ now why would I do that?” I looked down at the ground silently and started to cry. My parents are dead, some stranger is kidnapping me and apparently I’m not human. I gave up and went limp in his arms. He noticed my change in attitude and looked at me.    “ Luna?” he asked. I ignored him.   “You alright?” he set me down and looked at me.   “ hey, why are you crying?” he put his hand on my cheek. I looked down and eyed the door. One…two…three. I made a run for it. Out the door and down the stairs I ran as fast as I could. I opened the back door and ran into something. Or should I say someone.  “ Dangit!!” I yelled. I looked up and saw kile.  “ I really wish you didn’t do that.” just as he said that I felt a slight pain in my arm then he whole world went fuzzy.    
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