Lily-Rose Nakota has an unbelievable power, when she goes to a One Direction concert does she put them to good use, or break her friends heart? Along the way she drags Harry, Niall and Louis in to a blur of crazy Love, Hate And randomness

okay the discription might not make sense but i will update the story as much as possible and note that this is rated 15+ so littlies dont go anywhere near this


2. Amy Summers

"Why hello there pretty lady" he slured. Obviously drunk i thought, "Why are you here all on your lonesome?" he twisted one of my ringlets before sliding on of his hands down to my arse. Ughh i looked at his pimples i didnt want to do this but "Lets Play hide and go seek" i wispered into his ear before setting my eyes onto his "i'm it." He quickly stumbled over to the couch before colapsing eyes glased he giggled. I rolled my eyes probably some opening preformer i thought. I pulled some heavly tinted raybans out of my bag before walking into the dressing room 3 sets of eyes lay on me "Harry here?" i asked Liam, confused he pointed to the other side of a clothes rack where his and Zayns dressers sat.


"Hello Harry" i said and pulled a chair up next to him, i turned around to see Niall, Louis and Liam all staring at me "mind your own bussiness" i snapped they all turned around and pretended to be busy. Only Nialls eyes lingered on my a little longer, before turning around. I glanced at Zayn who was looking confused, "would excuse us a second?" i said to him. He stared at me for a while, i made shooing guestures wwith my hands. "oh" he said and relised i wanted hime to leave. Harry watched him go before turning back to me, "Who are you?" he asked. "good question" i said "Who am i? Im Amy Summers" (actually my name was Lily-Rose Nakota but he didnt need to know that and neither did those other four eavesdroppers.)


Auther note: sorry for such short chapters guys i will add cover soon and sorry for spelling mistakes and grammer errors feel free to comment like and favourite though!


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