Lily-Rose Nakota has an unbelievable power, when she goes to a One Direction concert does she put them to good use, or break her friends heart? Along the way she drags Harry, Niall and Louis in to a blur of crazy Love, Hate And randomness

okay the discription might not make sense but i will update the story as much as possible and note that this is rated 15+ so littlies dont go anywhere near this


1. Brain Frizzling

i brushed on a thin coat of mascara, i didnt want to put to much makeup around my eyes as i needed those tonight they would play a big role in my plan. I dressed in blue skinny jeans a fluffy white jumper and some white all stars, i was ready. I picked up my bag off the bench and locked my apartment. I was going to this One Direction concert alone tonight, but id be coming back with some company.


I searched through the thumping crowd, everyone was rushing to the door to see if 1D was coming out the back door. I took my chances and went around back with everyone else. I knew i wouldnt have to look everywhere and that all these "directioners" would know where they were going. Yes i am a directioner otherwise i wouldn't be going through with this whole plan but obessed as these girls..no, not me im not that type of person. I looked as a girl had fallen to the ground bawling her eyes out with happiness over the new zayn barbie doll  she had purchased. I rolled my eyes and followed the crowd.


Just as i thought One Direction wouldnt come out untill the crowd had died down a bit. I pushed through and went up to security that were holding the girls back. "Excuse me you cant go in there authourised person only" He said in a gruff voice. I lifted my gaze a stared straight into his eyes, "important bussiness" I said. His eyes glased over "oh but of course" he said and let me through.


I sighed as i came into a dark hallway. Brain frizzling isnt as easy as you would think, Brain frizzling? you ask, well hypnotism or whatever you want to call it, when i stare into someones eyes and think of something parts of their brains starts to fry and all they came think about is what i say. I try not to stare for too long, otherwise some people become disabled. (trust me its happened before) I wear glasses alot too I have 22 pairs and counting. Anyway back to bussiness. I strolled down the hallway and came to a small room like a lounge kind of, alot of people i didnt know looked up at me the others caried on what they were doing i ignored them and walked towards another door that had a gold star on the door. I knew this must be the dressing room i reached for the handle before a hand grabbed my wrist.

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