kidnapped!~ by one direction

... Why hello there ...


2. Chapter 2

I jumped up and skipped to the door. "Uh where are you going?" Zayn asked. "Home" I replied. "Bitch please think I was going to let you walk outta here that fast?" He asked. "Well if you are smart you would. " I replied. "im not as weak as Niall, some little girl ain't gunna beat me" he replied kinda getting a little cocky "getting a little cocky there huh"' i asked. He ran at me but I jumped out of the way. He ran into the door. "Bam" "hahahahahaha" I couldn't stop laughing. "What happened." Harry asked obviously pissed off. "He ran into the door after he ran at me!" I yelled still laughing. Harry took a step closer i punched at him. He ducked then stood up (my elbow behind his head) "dumbass. " I said and elbowed him to the head, slammed him on the ground, the boys looked terrified. "You kidnapped the wrong girl!" I screamed and opened the door to leave. Zayn grabbed my foot and pulled me down. "Asshole!" I screamed and Liam jumped, shut the door and jumped on me! "Oww get off fatty" I yelled. "Shut up." He picked me up and carried me down stairs. "Im cold! I'm tired! I'm hungry! I'm bored! Can I run? Liam? Liam? Liam?" I said. "Shut the fuck up!" He screamed. Omg Liam freaking Payne swore! Haha. "Whoa Liam did you swear? Am I annoying you? You could let me go! Liam? Liam? Liam?" "Zayn" he screamed. "What?" Zayn asked. "Watch her she's fucking annoying" he said. "O-okay" he stuttered. I pulled out my iPod. "What are you doing?" He asked. "Listening to music" I replied. "Whatever" he said. That's the last thing I heard. I fell into a world of dreams.
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