kidnapped!~ by one direction

... Why hello there ...


1. Chapter 1

Blackness that was all i saw! Ow my head hurt allot! Suddenly all the memories can flooding back! **FLASHBACK** I was walking in the park when I heard yelling, I looked behind my and there were five boys yelling at me! Then I recognized them, One Direction. I hate them! As they came closer i noticed a bar in curlys hand. "W-what are you going to do to me?" I questioned. "Nothing dear" he replied. Then smacked my over the head with the bar! Dumbass (haha) from then on I was swimming in blackness. **END OF FLASHBACK**
"H-hello?" I screamed out, "you bitches better not be here i will kick your asses!" I screamed. "Really?" The leprecon said, "hot and feisty that how I like em'l he said with a wink. I gaged. "Niall, is she awake?" A voice boomed. "No I'm talking to the wall, no shit Sherlock!" "Okay give her some food!" "Can I bring her out?" "Yes" i got up. "Where do you think your going?" He asked. "Uh home I'm not staying here with you assholes!" I said. "Nice try!" He jumped at me but I kicked him in the balls. He yelped in pain but ran at me again. He grabbed my wrist. "Wrong idea dumbass!" I said to him "I'm a black belt in taekwondo" "ohh so scared" he replied with a smirk. "Better be!" I said then twisted out of his grip, elbowed him twice in the side out the head, pump jacked him 5 times, elbow to the spine and I was about to finish him off when to giant arms wrapped around me. "Let go of me now!" I screamed! "Oh he'll naw!" It replied in a British accent. "Fine ill kick your ass later but I'm starving! Please?" I asked. I was dropped. "Liam rake her up." Someone grabbed my wrist. "Do you want to have the same fate as the leprecon?" I questioned. "Not really!" He said, looking scared. "Zayn? Come with me please!" He asked. "Why? Scared your gunna get you ass kick!" I taunted. "N-no!" He whimpered. "Ohh a sassy one! I like her!" A jumpy boy said. "Yeah whatever!" I said and hopped up the stairs, with Liam and Zayn close behind. After I ate I went into the living room and watched T.V. "What are you doing?" Zayn asked. "Watching the telly what does it look like smart one?" I asked. "Hey" he screamed! "What" I asked innocently? " nevermind" he replied.
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