I found a way

When you and your boyfriend are you-tube famous and the 'IT' couple everything is crazy! Bethany Mota is known for her sense of style, her sweetness, her beauty and not to forget her perfect boyfriend Sam Pottorff. She basically has the perfect life, until everything comes crashing down. The life that she thought was perfect was all a lie, her parents, her boyfriend, her childhood... everything. When she finally breaks, who's there when she looses it all.?Who is there to pick up the pieces.? How do manage to forgive and forget.? How do you find a way .?


1. Lies?

This is my second movella, although I am not finished with my first one. I wanted a break from my first one, I'm still gonna write chapters for it but I didn't want to leave you guys without a good chapter... right.? (Just kidding my movella's aren't that great) But I will update one every other day and my other one ( If you only knew ) the days I don't update this one. Please comment and share your thoughts, I would like to know what you think :) 

Bethany's POV
I heard foot steps coming my way. I don't want to wake up just yet though. "Shhhhh, she's still sleeping.", they whispered. There was more shuffling around my room. Then the voice I would know anywhere, Kian, my bestfriend yelled "Awe my Barbie looks so adorable when she sleeps!" "Shut up Kian! And Lay off will ya?" Sam half whispered. For a minute everything got dead silent until "SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!" everyone yelled. I jump up and see my wonderful mom, dad, brother, bestfriend; both girl and boy and my boyfriend. "Awe! You guys!! This is so thoughtful of you" I shrieked. I could feel the burning on my cheeks, meaning I must be blushing.

'SNAAP'  My mom takes a picture. I honestly could not stop smiling. "Happy 16th birthday ugly" my brother, Adrian joked. I got out of my bed as Sam and Kian walked up to me with 3 pancakes with whipped cream all decorative and of course a strawberry on-top. Usually in the movies its a cherry but I hate cherries. I hugged both and I kissed Sam on the cheek for being the sweet guy he is. I walked to Andrea Kian's girlfriend and my bestfriend. I hugged her and whispered "Thank you" since I knew this must of been her idea. My parents would never think of something to do. After a while of laughing because Kian mashed my face into the whipped creamed pancakes I shooed everyone out, so I can get dressed. 

I walked downstairs to see Andrea and Kian. Kian ran up to me and gave me a massive hugged and started talking to me about everything were going to do. Eventually he stopped talking and I had a chance to ask where my boyfriend was. "Oh yeah... he went to fix your surprise up. So meanwhile were at the mall he will be doing his thaang." he told me. I couldn't help but laugh. Andrea got in between us and we linked arms and started heading for Kian's car so we can go 'Err'day shopping' as Sam would say. 


Sam's POV 
Today was Beth's 16th birthday, and it had to be perfect. Beth is a simple girl, she hates huge parties where you don't get to talk to half the people you 'invited' and she wouldn't dare ask her parents for something expensive like a car. She just wanted her birthday to be special but not a big deal. So my idea was to go to Disney World. Then eat with the character since she is obsessed with Minnie and Mickey. Afterwards my final surprise is a video of all of the pictures we have taken together, It will start with the pictures we've taken as friends and keep going to the most recent ones of us as boyfriend and girlfriend. I already had everything ready and I couldn't wait to be with her again. 

Bethany's POV 
Today was amazing so far, I bought 3 outfits, accessories from 'FOREVER 21' and 'BELLA', and of course some  sandals since it's spring. I was wearing one of the outfits I bought. Kian and Andrea bought me an expensive necklace that said 'Bethany' in cursive with a cute diamond heart at the end. We had a great time at the mall, from time to time Kian would get stopped by girls, since he is you-tube famous. Or maybe it was me, or Andrea since were all famous in a sort of way. Around 4-ish they both dropped me off the front side of the mall saying Sam would pick me up. I was scrolling through twitter looking at all my Birthday wishes, when I felt a tap on the back. I was hoping to see Sam but instead I see a girl. The first thing that I think is 'Awe, a fan.' She gave me a polite smile before she handed me a picture of Sam and a blonde girl that looked a lot like her kissing at what seems like a party? She handed me the picture and whispered "I'm so sorry." I stood up and hugged her and whispered "Thank you". I don't know if it's true or not but if it is I'm very thankful for her telling me and then again I am hoping with all my heart that this is a lie...

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