I found a way

When you and your boyfriend are you-tube famous and the 'IT' couple everything is crazy! Bethany Mota is known for her sense of style, her sweetness, her beauty and not to forget her perfect boyfriend Sam Pottorff. She basically has the perfect life, until everything comes crashing down. The life that she thought was perfect was all a lie, her parents, her boyfriend, her childhood... everything. When she finally breaks, who's there when she looses it all.?Who is there to pick up the pieces.? How do manage to forgive and forget.? How do you find a way .?


2. A new friend <3

 Sam's POV
I saw Bethany just looking at her phone, I was about to walk up until I saw Claire walk up to her. I could feel my heart dropped as they spoke for what seemed forever but in reality was 3 minutes. I didn't know Claire knew Bethany, I hope they don't. I can't loose Bethany! Especially because of a dumb mistake, Claire is a girl I hooked up with right after I had my first fight with Beth. I know it sounds pathetic, that after the first fight I would turn unfaithful. I was so mad, so I just went to my friends party and drank like there was no tomorrow. After 5 shots, 2 beers and a whole bottle of tequila I had no control of my body. Everything was rainbows and sunshine. I had 'found' a girl that looked a lot to Bethany, so I took her home and did our business. The morning after I realized that she look nothing like Beth. Claire was blonde, beautiful blue eyes and a petite body. She was a nice girl, and she didn't understand it was a one night stand. Sure, she cried but I didn't want a relationship when I was about to get dumped. An hour later Beth called me apologizing; I felt so guilty because she didn't deserve that but now karma came to get me. I walked up to her and she had a teary eyes, holding a picture of me and Claire. Fuck!

"I-I... I don't know what to tell you..." I whispered. I felt the tears coming. "So it's true?" She cried. I couldn't respond, my throat had a huge lump and my vocal cords wouldn't work. "Say something!" She screamed, "I can't believe you!" She cried as she stood up. "Beth, please don't leave! It was a mistake, I promise I won't do it again! I need you, I love you!" I screamed. I knew everyone's eyes were on us but I didn't care right now, I just want to fix things with my Bethany. "I hate you! Y-You hurt me! Do it, do it again I honestly don't care because we're not together anymore. You mean nothing to me." She yelled at me. I could feel the tears streaks on my cheeks. She jogged away and with her purse, I watched her leave. Leaving with my heart in her hands..  I saw the bags that held her newly clothes. I picked it up and put in the trunk of my car as I wiped away the tears streaming down my face. I decided to drop them off at her house. Thankfully I know where her spare keys were and her parents weren't home. It wouldn't want Tammy to hear it from me. I had one last look around the house and left. 

Bethany's POV
After jogging away from the scene I just created I couldn't stop crying. When I saw the picture I knew what was coming but I guess somewhere in my body I was hoping everything was a lie, that she is just another person trying to ruin things for both me and Sam. Wow. I won't be able to say that again, it won't feel right anymore. Me and Sam, Sam and I, Sam and Bethany, Not anymore. The more I thought of it, the more I sobbed. A relationship of 2 years gone. Done, vanishing. More like vanished. Everything he said must of meant nothing to him for him to do that. I mean I doubt it was just a kiss, Sam looked out of it but I don't care. He still did it and that hurt me so much. What hurt the most was that I had to find out on my birthday. Out of all days, it was my BIRTHDAY! I guess it doesn't matter because it would of hurt no matter what day I would have found out. I just wish it never happened. I just wish he would of found a way to make it disappear just like this relationship did.....

Louis' POV 
It was another day with the lads. We decided to go shopping, we were just walking when they decided to leave me alone. I started walking when I noticed a crowd watching something, as I heard a lot of screaming. Not a second later the most gorgeous girl runs out of the crowd in tears. I was so intrigued by her beauty I decided to follow her. She stopped running and sat down at a bench and broke down sobbing. I didn't know how to approach her so I just gave her some time. I couldn't take it no more so I just sat down next to her. "Sam just leave me alone! Don't you understand that I don't wan-" she screamed but she realized I wasn't this Sam guy so she stopped and started again. "I'm so sorry I thought you were someone else." she whispered. "It's okay, love." I replied as I wiped away a tear from her face. "Please stop crying you're to beautiful for that." I told her. I felt that I was coming on too strong. She laughed "No if I'm as beautiful as you say I wouldn't of been cheated on by my boyfriend of two years to some nobody on my birthday." she half yelled. She probably realized that she just told a complete stranger her personal problem. "I'm so sorry, you probably don't care and think I'm a weirdo that shares her problems to strangers..." she babbled on. I couldn't help but smile. "Love, calm down! But is he the reason you were crying?" I asked. She got pale and her eyes got very watery. Without even thinking I pulled her in for a hug and whispered "Then he must of not known what a beauty he just lost" I couldn't help but be intoxicated with her scent. It made my stomach in knots. Hair felt soft against my skin and her body was just perfect against mine. I pulled away and saw her smile. She had a cute pair of dimples. She started talking again " I'm sorry, but Thank you, I really needed that. And by the way aren't you umm Louis Tomlinson?" I laughed because she mispronounced my name. She said Luwis instead of Luwee. "Its Louis (Luwee) and yes." She laughed and apologized once more. "Stop that!" I said frustrated. "Excuse me?" She asked. "You apologize way to much." We both laughed and her phone started ringing. She looked at me, I smiled signaling to go and take the call. 

Bethany's POV 
I was actually having a good time with Louis. He's such a nice person for superstar sensation. We were both laughing a lot because I apologize too much, then my phone decided to ruin everything and ring. I looked at the caller I.d and my heart dropped, it wasn't Sam, it was Kian. I really didn't want to talk about what happened earlier today, it just makes me want to break down crying. But I sucked everything up and answered the phone. "Hi Kian.." I whispered. "Beth! I'm so sorry, I'm sorry you had to find out now. He should have told you right when it happened. That idiot, I told him the later he told you the worst it would get. And Ugh I'm here for y-" I cut him off. "Wait Kian, you knew about this! Really? And you didn't bother on telling me? What about Andrea did she know? So I was just the idiot that was getting cheated on while the whole world knew. Right ... Thanks a lot Ki." I yelled. He didn't say anything for a bit until he started again "Andrea didn't know. I'm sorry and I know you're hurt since it's your birthday and all but if you still need someone I'm here and You left the bags at where you were standing so Sam took them to your house." "Okay well I forgive you since Sam was your best friend and it must have been a hard choice for you. But I don't want to talk anymore. I'll see you soon?" I replied. "Okay, Bye Beth. Please don't do anything stupid." he stated. I laughed and hung up. Louis was right behind me, he smiled meaning he must of heard my side of the conversation. He kept opening and closing his mouth meaning he didn't know what to say. "Were at a mall and its meant for shopping so ..... let's go shopping!" Lou half sang. I laughed and linked arms with him and asked " You don't mind do you?" He laughed, which made me laugh. "No not at all....." He said and I knew what he was asking for "Oh sorry, I'm Bethany." 

After that, we walked all around the mall. I had forgotten I used up my Birthday money, so Louis had tried to buy me everything I liked. But I wouldn't let him, he just bought me a mustache watch and earring since I had just bought the cutest cartoon loose crop shirt. I had changed since I was wearing a shirt Sam bought me for Christmas. I came out and he was on the phone so I decided to wait and just look through my phone. I had turned it off after Kian called me. After it loaded it started buzzing with text messages and calls. I had tons of notifications on twitter, facebook, youtube, and instagram. I checked the text messages 20 were from Sam and 10 from Andrea and 5 from Kian and 2 from my mom. I decided to not look at Sams and automatically delete them. I checked to see my instagram and I noticed I had 20 new followers new guys. Twitter and facebook were filled with messages from fans asking how I was. Wow News spread by fast, a bunch of guys messaged me asking if I wanted to go out with them and I just deleted them. There was picture that caught my eye, it was of Sam and I. It was the last date he took me on, I kissed him on the lips and a fan took a picture of us and sent it to us. My eyes got watery again from the memory. "Is that him?" Louis asked. I hadn't realized that he got off the phone. "Yea, his name is Sam. You probably have heard of him before he makes covers of songs on youtube with Kian but they edit it to make it funny. They made a couple of yours, which are their most popular ones." I answered. "Yeah I've seen them before, my sister has a mega crush on Kian.. I think. I don't know but one of my mates called me. Fans found them so I have to go. Would you like a ride home?" Louis asked. I thought about it, I would hate to intrude and I always can take a cab home... "Oh no thank you. I think I can get a cab." I told him. He argued with me saying that he would not let me take a cab home. In the end he was going to take me home. 

Louis' POV 
I made Bethany let me and the lads take her home. I honestly liked her, not like in that way, since I'm not totally over Eleanor yet. We broke off over a month ago, she said she didn't feel the spark anymore and I told her I felt the same way but in reality I still did. I honestly just want her to be happy and that's I'm doing I'm moving so she can see I'm happy as well. I just can't believe that today is Bethany's birthday and she had to find out that horrid news. Her boyfriend of 2 years cheated on her, what a jerk. Especially she is such a lovely, beautiful girl. We laughed all day and she didn't seem shy at all until now. She was quiet fiddling with her bag. "Is something wrong, love?" I asked her, she looked up and I saw her eye sparkle. She was honestly one of the most beautiful girls I've seen. The way her eyes are full of hope even though she was crying most of today. And the way she talks a lot when she gets excited and she blushes when ever you look at her for too long. And he laugh is just the most adorable thing ever. It's funny how much you can learn from someone in one day. "No, I'm fine. Just a little nervous that's all." she answered. She gave me a half smile. "Why would you be nervous.?" I wondered. She laughed and answered me "Well I am about to me the rest of One direction!" she sassed. I had totally forgotten that I was in a world wide famous band. She just made me feel so normal, as if I was hanging with the lads or at home with friends. I guess she's just that type of person that makes you feel at home..

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