18 year old, Justice gets tickets to a One Direction concert! And backstage passes! What happens when a certain Blonde cutie from the band calls Dibs on her? Will she fall for him or another boy?



THOMAS POV: why was she texting me i don't get it what did she mean ill pick you up... I dont get it??
Me: okay see you
J: yup
J: we are here
Me: kay be right out
What did she mean by we? Oh jeez what ever?!?!
JUSTICE POV: i couldn't wait to see her face eek! I looked at the boys BAM i hit Niall and oh lips crashed together "ohmygosh I'm so sorry" "that's fine love, I liked it" he said in the adorable accent of his "hahah I swear I saw fireworks" "seriously?" He blushed " yeah." I said I smiled at the ground "when you smile at the ground it's not hard to tell you don't know ow ow you don't know your beautiful," he sang softly and I think ( if it were possible) i melted. "OHH JUSTICE AND NIALL SITTING IN A TREE K-I-S-S-I-N-G" Louis sang/screamed " fuck off bro" Niall said "standing up for her?" Louis said in a little girls voice "how...." SLAM!
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