18 year old, Justice gets tickets to a One Direction concert! And backstage passes! What happens when a certain Blonde cutie from the band calls Dibs on her? Will she fall for him or another boy?


1. The people

Name: Justice
Eye colour: blue with green on inside
Hair colour: Blonde (long)
Personality: Shy, But sometimes outgoing, fun, smart, plays guitar and piano
Boyfriend: Niall Horan
Best friend: Tom, Alex, Sam, Louis

Name: Thomas (Tom)
Eye colour: bright blue
Hair colour: Strawberry blonde (medium)
Personality: outgoing, crazy, fun, smart, sings
Boyfriend: Harry Styles
Best friend: Justice, Alex, Sam

Name: Alex
Eye colour: Green with Blue inside
Hair colour: Brown (short)
Personality: Fun, Somewhat shy, smart, sings and plays guitar
Boyfriend: Liam Payne
Best friend: Justice, Sam, Tom

Name: Samantha (Sam)
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Brown (long-medium)
Personality: Fun, outgoing, flirt, smart, plays guitar and dances
Boyfriend: Zayn Malik
Best friend: Justice, Alex, Tom

And the boys are as they are...

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