18 year old, Justice gets tickets to a One Direction concert! And backstage passes! What happens when a certain Blonde cutie from the band calls Dibs on her? Will she fall for him or another boy?


8. The News

JUSTICE POV: We have to tell her" Liam said. "Tell me what?" "It-it's Tom she-she's..."
"She's what?" I asked tears threatening to spill!
"She is.." Liam whispered
I lost it and bawled "this is all my fault!" I screamed
THOMAS POV: "Justice I'm okay!" I screamed "this is all my fault" she screamed. Was I dead? I was a spirit! Oh no! I ran back to my room after Justice! She sat there and cried for hours! Niall came in to comfort her! HARRY! Oh no where was he!!! I ran around the hospital and found him in a private room down the hall. He was crying so hard and praying i would be okay. And here i thought he was a bitch sometimes. He looked so adorable, I wish he could see me. I needed to stay alive. Please be okay Thomas Ocean Taylor please. I ran back to my room My heart started pumping again! "Doctor!" I screamed. But nobody heard! Darn! Suddenly I was (my soul) getting pulled towards my body. Then... BAM...

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