18 year old, Justice gets tickets to a One Direction concert! And backstage passes! What happens when a certain Blonde cutie from the band calls Dibs on her? Will she fall for him or another boy?


4. The Concert

JUSTICE POV: That will be 20 dollars please" the clerk said I handed her 20 dollars and ran back to my seat. Okay One Direction was my favorite band but all the screaming girls, SERIOUSLY? The crowd went wild I quickly jumped up! WMYB played (of course)

Later I went backstage to meet them. Niall ,of course, was eating. Well this is aka ward, what do I say? Me: eh em hey." They all looked up and their mouths fell open. "What?" I looked behind me, nothing. " I CALL DIBS!" Niall screamed "on what?" I questioned. "YOU, SILLY GOOSE" screamed Louis, with a wink. "Hey! That's not fair!" Harry said.
Niall: shut up Harry I called dibs before any of you
Harry: so
Niall: so if she wants me she gets me
Harry: fine then
Zayn: awwww what about me
Zayn: shut up
Louis stuck his tongue out at me
Me: hey what did I do?
Louis: absolutely nothing
Me: whatever guys i gotta go
Niall: please stay with us!!!!
Me: uhh okay
I bit my lip to keep me from smiling hmmm Tom and Alex would be jealous
Me: Hey could I invite two of my friends over?
Niall: of course love
I started to blush
THOMAS POV: *ring ring*
Me: hey
J: do you wanna come over tonight you and Alex?
Me: uhh yeah
J: I'll pick you up can you ask Alex?
Me: yeah sure
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