18 year old, Justice gets tickets to a One Direction concert! And backstage passes! What happens when a certain Blonde cutie from the band calls Dibs on her? Will she fall for him or another boy?


7. She-she's

JUSTICE POV: SMASH! I turned around, ugh dammit well the hell did this happen? "Fuck." I said. Everyone was knocked out except me. I think. "It's okay don't worry!" That sweet Irish accent rang out, "Niall?" "Yes Love?" "Is everyone okay?" "I don't know Love." "Oka...." Everything went black. But I heard a boy scream "JUSTICE JUSTICE NO!" I woke up in a hospital how did I get here? "JUSTICE your awake!" "Don't you dare do that to us again!" "Do what?"
"You-you don't remember do you?"
"N-no who are you?"
The blonde boy leaned down and kissed me every train of thought came back to me! I remembered! "Omg your Niall and you like me i remember Louis screaming that and Harry is dating Tom, we were going to pick up Alex when I crashed!" "Welcome back Love!"
"Yes Is it okay if I call you that it's kinda a habit Love?!" "Yeah it's okay! But where is Tom? And Alex? How long was I out for? Did she die? Is it my.." Niall kissed me i was surprised and didn't kiss back. He pulled away and looked hurt. I pulled his head down and kissed him. "That's a nice way to shut me up!" "Mate this isn't the time we have to tell her" Liam said. "Tell me what?" "It-it's Tom she-she's..."
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