The Three Kings

The three Pevensie brothers are wrongly accused of a crime they didn't commit. In haste and fear, the eldest ushers his brothers and himself to Scotland in hopes of starting a new life. However, they learn that you cannot run from anything.

In a whirlwind of mess, the three brothers must prove to the world that they were not the criminals and make them see the truth.

A story full of lies, revenge, nobleness, bravery and brotherhood. The story of three brothers and the power of their love.


1. Prologue


We are brothers by blood,

And my love does flood

The thoughts of yesterday

Two children fast at play


That was the past

And the memories will last

Because in our dreams, time stands still

There we can view thoughts of yesterday, and tomorrow at will


Tomorrow will come and I’ll be there

With unmeasurable amount of love to share

For now we have our dreams and thoughts

Our should’ve and oughts


Our fathers and mothers

But... we are brothers

We are brothers by blood

And my love does flood

- Andrew M Wood, Brotherly Love

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