The Three Kings

The three Pevensie brothers are wrongly accused of a crime they didn't commit. In haste and fear, the eldest ushers his brothers and himself to Scotland in hopes of starting a new life. However, they learn that you cannot run from anything.

In a whirlwind of mess, the three brothers must prove to the world that they were not the criminals and make them see the truth.

A story full of lies, revenge, nobleness, bravery and brotherhood. The story of three brothers and the power of their love.


2. I


There have never been so many people outside of the building before. There were cameras flashing, snooping reporters with microphones the size of tennis balls and overall, the amount of protestors holding signs that read, ‘Murderers go to hell’ or something of the sort. There was too much noise, too much lights, too much anger in one place.

“The Pevensie’s, why did you not reveal the true murderer’s name? Is he a long lost brother?” asked a lady with blonde hair, red lips and a microphone shoved into Camden’s face.

“Weston, Bexley, now that you are free, do you think Cambridge University will look at you the same?” asked a man dressed in smart clothes and a trench, with a small recording device.

“Camden Pevensie, how do you plan to live your life?” asked a random woman from behind.

Camden, Weston and Bexley Pevensie all decided to ignore the demanding questions of the noisy reporters and the crowd’s angry chants. They were free and that was all that mattered. They were measured and tried, but the result was incorrect. Their names were no longer considered bad, but famous nonetheless. Now the only question was: how do they move on in their lives?

Stepping hastily into the black van and closing the door as soon as they were all seated, the three brothers looked at each other and laughed. Despite everything that had happened the past few months, laughing seemed to have shown their emotions. This kind of laughter wasn’t the kind that one did after a seeing or hearing something funny; it was a laugh of relief. The relief that said, “We got through this shit and it feels fucking amazing.”

Talking about what had happened, the three could only laugh throughout the whole thing. Because, finally, it was over and it was long but now long forgotten.  There was nothing that could stop them now; especially since they’ve just been to hell and back.

So the answer to the question of: how do they move on with their lives? The answer is simple; laugh because the world is always wrong.

The rising question right now is: what the fuck happened?

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