Valentines Day

One girl named Holly Brown, She hated one direction, She was the only one in her school that did, even the boys in her school didn't mind day her best friend Kara bought two one direction tickets, one for her and one for holly. Kara made her go so when she got there Kara also bought backstage passes. when she go's backstage after the concert she figures out that there not that bad.

Will there be love?
Will there be jealousy?

Find out in this book HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


14. Want To Come?


"Don't Lou" Holly said then I said "ya the only way to avoid that is to not go solo..... so DON'T GO SOLO!" "okay don't be so harsh" said Louis "fine I'll try my best" I snapped back then Niall randomly said "Hey is it just me or is anyone still hungry?" "Niall you ate all the nando's and tacos and chicken and most of the chocolate and carrots how could you be hungry, and yes Niall everyone else is hungry!" said Liam "HOLY COWPOO YOUR SO MEAN" yelled Niall "well you pretty much ate dinner alone.... PIG" said Holly "well sorry if my stomach HUGE" said Niall "well we better make more food for Niall" harry suddenly said after a deep breath. 


After making more food and eating a little I finally said "well I guess we better get going bu-" I was cut off by Zayn "please don't go your so fun and we all agree I know OH and so are you Kara" Kara just had a huge... I mean HUGE grin on her face and said "thank you" then I said "but for how long?" "Umm Holly, Kara do you guys want to go on tour with us" Zayn said while the rest of the boys put there hands to there heads in disappointment. All I did was stare at him with my mouth wide open then Kara said "YES" apparently for both of us. "Okay it's settled the girls are coming with us on tour" said Zayn  

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