Valentines Day

One girl named Holly Brown, She hated one direction, She was the only one in her school that did, even the boys in her school didn't mind day her best friend Kara bought two one direction tickets, one for her and one for holly. Kara made her go so when she got there Kara also bought backstage passes. when she go's backstage after the concert she figures out that there not that bad.

Will there be love?
Will there be jealousy?

Find out in this book HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


6. Waiting


I'm so excited today is the concert! I hope there are still back stage passes there cause there is nothing online about them for today, I start thinking when I change into my concert outfit. Then Holly came in the room. "hey are you ready to go do something" she ask most likely board "ya just let me get my shoes on" I said while getting my shoes. " so where do you want to go?" I asked "why are you asking me?" "because you don't like one direction and that's where were going later" "okay let's go to the movies and watch some till 6:30." "it's only 1:30 and you want to watch movies till6:30 that 5 hours worth of movies and we will be late if we watch that many movies because there not just an hour or two but they have like 12 minutes after or more or less so no." I said starting to scare myself of being late. " jerk I thought you said I could chose what we do today!" " not if it means being late!" I yell. "fine we'll go to the park and play on the playground and be lunatics." "okay" and I started for the car and so did holly.   

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