Valentines Day

One girl named Holly Brown, She hated one direction, She was the only one in her school that did, even the boys in her school didn't mind day her best friend Kara bought two one direction tickets, one for her and one for holly. Kara made her go so when she got there Kara also bought backstage passes. when she go's backstage after the concert she figures out that there not that bad.

Will there be love?
Will there be jealousy?

Find out in this book HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


3. Time & Date


I met up with Kara today at Starbucks, we talked about a lot of stuff boys, clothes, then we finally got to the topic of one direction. "So Kara what time is the concert" I asked annoyed at the fact that i'm going "Well it starts at 7:00 so we'll go at 6:30 together." "what day?" I asked trying to get more information "Tomorrow, So can we hang out all day tomorrow until the concert and have a sleepover tonight at my place" she started to say "you didn't tell me it was tomorrow!" I say surprised "well ya that's what makes it a surprise" "I didn't want a surprise" "Oh well you got one" she says shrugging " I don't even like the band!" I tried to protest but it didn't work "but I do" she says with a huge grin on her face " that's nice" I said sarcastically "so lets go to your house because i'm board out of my mind here!" "well what will we do there that's so different?" "first of all not be stared at all the time, and secondly we won't be spending money all the time!" fine is all I herd so we started walking to her car.  

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