Valentines Day

One girl named Holly Brown, She hated one direction, She was the only one in her school that did, even the boys in her school didn't mind day her best friend Kara bought two one direction tickets, one for her and one for holly. Kara made her go so when she got there Kara also bought backstage passes. when she go's backstage after the concert she figures out that there not that bad.

Will there be love?
Will there be jealousy?

Find out in this book HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


2. Morning


"Good morning" I said to myself as I woke up. I started texting Kara hoping I didn't wake her up. hey Kara how's a going, I hope I didn't wake you up, are you already awake..... please say yes. It took a couple minutes to get a text back but I got one. hey don't worry you only woke me from my beauty sleep, but now I'm awake :| GRRRRR. Okay good to see your awake lol. I texted her deviously whatever what was so important you had to wake me. she said probably annoyed. I was board :D. Oh really well cuz you woke me up I guess i'll tell you this.... I got one direction tickets one for me and one for you and you cant say no because they were expensive and i'm not giving them to anyone else cuz your my best friend and I would do anything for you so you have to do this one thing for me. well that all came at once. do I even have a choice? I asked sounding stupid nope she was really annoying sometimes like right now. So apparently i'm going to a one direction concert.

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