Valentines Day

One girl named Holly Brown, She hated one direction, She was the only one in her school that did, even the boys in her school didn't mind day her best friend Kara bought two one direction tickets, one for her and one for holly. Kara made her go so when she got there Kara also bought backstage passes. when she go's backstage after the concert she figures out that there not that bad.

Will there be love?
Will there be jealousy?

Find out in this book HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


8. Meeting The Boys


Paul walked us to the room where we're going to meet one direction. "Okay we're here now we just wait." We waited for like 5 minuets and then they came in the door and saw us. as soon as I saw Zayn I knew his eyes lit up. They all came to greet us and Zayn came strait to me. "Hello again" he said to start the conversation "hi" I managed to say "you don't talk much do you" he asked me then Kara said "no she's just playing shy but she's a real chatter-box" and I giggled after she said that and kinda blushed too. "Aww don't feel embarrassed, it's natural for a friend to make fun of you." said Louis. I giggled even more and realized that there just normal guys that want to have fun just like everyone else. Then Louis screamed " WHO WANTS TO PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!" I do" said Kara and the other boys then I said "sure, why-not" "Louis you first" said Liam. "Okay you chatter-box truth or dare?" he said to me "Truth" " okay what is your name?" "that's easy it's holly" "holly it's your turn" "Zayn truth or dare" "dare" "I dare you to choose truth" "okay truth" "who do you have a crush on... and be honest." "Umm... this is going to be awkward" then the room went silent until I herd the boys say "Awwwww" then Zayn said "shut up" I was motion-less, well until a bucket of freezing cold water was dumped on my head. I screamed as loud as I could, it was so cold. " can I please have a towel" "sure" said Liam. "SHE'S ALIVE!" Louis yelled. "no duh i'm alive." I said. "harsh" said Louis. "well what did you think, you dumped ice cold water on my head!" I said huddling in the towel "it wasn't me it was harry." then I looked at him " bitch" is all I said still shivering "OH you got served!" said Louis. Then Zayn came over to me and started hugging me trying to warm me up... well it worked his body heat was so comforting, it felt like it was just us there and we could do anything. Then I backed up and toke off the towel and I was dry again "thanks" I said shyly "your welcome" he said as if he just got a date. Then I Noticed that Niall was gone " where's Niall" I asked nervous. "the kitchen" said Liam "oh" I said awkwardly.       

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