Live love last

This story is about a girl who ends up loving Liam from one direction
Of course after a hard life

Hope u enjoy if u want me to write u a story i can just tell me what u want


3. You found me

Liam's Point Of View
Louis was driving to nando's ,of course for Niall,but thats when it happened.
Louis was driving and we hit someone but didn't know who it was. That's when I saw her. But she wasn't hurt from the car, she had a bullet hole in here arm and a stab wound on her leg. She was still conscience when she tried to stand thats when he ran out.
Kenzie's Point Of View
He was coming toward me,but he finally spoke and introduced himself as Liam.Thats when my Dad ran out.
Liam's Point Of View
I could tell she was scared of the man.I had to protect her so i picked her up and put her in Louis's car and she went unconscience. We had to get her to the hospital.
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