Letting Go

After being brutally abused by her father and outcasted by her classmates, seventeen year old Keller Alvidas is glad and even relieved to spend her last year at Edge-of-The-World, the sleepy small town she grew up in. Everything changes when the Gabriels, a group of orphaned teenage boys arrives. They break all her rules about meeting new people but they too have secrets and when the truth comes out Keller has to decide wether to let go and save herself or to continue to be dragged through everything she wanted to run away from, all for one chance she might never get.


5. You're On My Mind

Keller's P.O.V

After the final bell rings I head over to the library to study my notes. I need to get started on my writing assignment and I have a feeling that we're going to have a pop quiz in math or else Mrs.Simnon wouldn't have put the formulas on the board. I also need to study my french verbs and review my science notes. I sigh, I know that I'm going to stay in the library all night. The temperature from this morning has dropped and the wind is seeping through my jacket. I ball my fists to keep them warm and wrap my arms around my body.

I finally make it inside the library and I sigh with relief when warmth is back in my body. The library looks nice today. The high ceiling and church styled windows are freshly cleaned and the fireplace is on. I get dirty looks from the older people who are reading from me being to loud. I roll my eyes when they're not looking and I grab my usual spot near the fireplace and open my bag.  I frown once I see the piles of books and stacks of papers, I was right. I am going to be here all night.

James' P.O.V

The door bursts open and someone sighs rather loudly. It's from the cold, I know, I did the exact same thing when I walked in. I raise my eyes over my Oliver Twist book I borrowed for my writing assignment and I see her, the girl from homeroom. Ian said he knew her name but he won't tell me, he said I need to ask her myself. I crinkle my brow, Ian could be a great friend but sometimes he's a total jerk.

Keller's P.O.V

I was studying my french when I got that irritating feeling on my face when someone is watching me and I can't help but look up. He's here, I think and I start to panic. I flit my eyes over to James staring at an Oliver Twist book. Our eyes meet for a second before I return back to my homework. I feel my face get red, oh my gosh does he think I'm a stalker or something? No, that can't be, I've only ever seen him twice, now and homeroom and besides he was watching me. If anyone's a stalker it's him. I run my fingers through my hair and wonder why I even care what this new kid thinks of me.

I decide to distract myself and I take my IPod out and shove the earbuds in my ears and put the volume on up high. The first song on my playlist is You're On My Mind by Passenger. No, no one is on my mind I try to convince myself, no one. I switch to the next song which is Fireflies by Ron Pope. Yes, this one is much better I think happily. Nothing on here to remind me of blond boys and blue eyes.

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