Letting Go

After being brutally abused by her father and outcasted by her classmates, seventeen year old Keller Alvidas is glad and even relieved to spend her last year at Edge-of-The-World, the sleepy small town she grew up in. Everything changes when the Gabriels, a group of orphaned teenage boys arrives. They break all her rules about meeting new people but they too have secrets and when the truth comes out Keller has to decide wether to let go and save herself or to continue to be dragged through everything she wanted to run away from, all for one chance she might never get.


11. Can't Stop

Ed's P.O.V

It's pretty funny when Keller gets mad. First her cheeks get red and then her whole face turns a light shade of ruby. It's similar to the way James' face gets red and on both of them it's adorable. I know I made my opinion on Keller very vocal so far but I wouldn't dare make a move. Anyone with eyes could tell that James liked her. Until he says otherwise I'll keep thoughts like these to myself, I'll have to stop acting this way.

I sneak a peek at James now and I can see him stare at Keller. I whip my phone out and text him. "Stop drooling," my text reads teasingly. He sticks his tongue out at me in reply and I chuckle. The rest of the class goes by uneventfully and after the bell rings James disappears into the hall. I flash Keller another wink while she agrees to hang out with us later. I think we're starting to become good friends. Other than the fact we still don't know much about her. I chase after James and I finally catch him outside science class.

"Hey mate, why'd you go so fast? We always walk to science together," I say taking my seat next to him on the table.

He smiles but his blue eyes don't light up like they usually do,"Nothing's wrong, I'm just really starving," he says. I bark out a laugh and hand over my chocolate bar I snagged from the orphanage this morning. He takes it gratefully and the bell rings signifying the start of class.

Keller's P.O.V

My next classes are chemistry and bussiness and I have none of them with any of the Gabriels. My heart sinks a little as I see Ian walk away to join Will for lunch. They laugh loudly and I can't help but stare. Will's light brown quif and Ian's short hair makes them diffrent from the long haired guys I see so often at this school. I smile a little bit knowing that I'm going to see them later and I walk towards my next class. I reach the chemistry lab when a pair of three inch high heel boots stops in front of me. Their owner glares at me through fake inky black lashes. Sonia Smith, queen bee, total witch.

"What the hell did you and Josh do last period?" shes asks getting right to the point. She's taller than me and prettier and her perfect white teeth are set in a clenched position. I almost laugh, she may be pretty but right now she kind of looks like a bulldog.

"What are you talking about?" I answer. All I did was stay in class last period. I didn't even go to the washroom.

"Cut the crap, Janice told me you were flirting with Josh and that you left school together. What did you do?" she yells. We have everyone's attention now and I start to cower back until I see the sumg smirk on Sonia's face.

"You didn't do anything did you," she announces seeing the truth in my eyes,"I should've known, Josh would never go after such an ugly little thing." Ow, that hurt. I cringe and her smirk grows wider. Just like when Josh and his friends attacked me something hot and dangerous flows through my veins. No one talks to me that way. I might've let my father walk all over me like that before but never again.

"You're right, Josh would never go after me. But it's not that I'm ugly. No, he's too scared that you'll go bitching off about it later because that's the only thing you're good for, complaining  and looking like a manequin with too much makeup on," I retort at her turned back. The small crowd laughs and Sonia whips her head back to face me.

"At least I'm not ugly," she mentions. I roll my eyes, that's the best she could do?

"You already said that," I say with a bored voice. Teachers start to walk up to the now large crowd that gathers around us.The energy and courage I mustered up is sapped from my body. All the eyes staring at me feels piercing and terrible. I've never hated attention more than I do right now, I think. My knees grow weak.

"Girls, what hapened here?" questions Mr. Alfonso. Sonia quickly takes my side and her long nails dig into my skin on my arm.

"Nothing, sir. I just told Keller here that her hair is pretty today and everyone just took a sudden intrest I guess," she lies. I almost drop my jaw, what is this girl doing?

"Okay, fine. Just tell everyone to disperse," he barks. Sonia tells everyone to move out and I start to join them but she grabs me back. "This isn't over," she says.I hurry inside the chem lab and the lesson literally feels like it's going on forever.

After chemistry and bussiness I walk home in the snow. It's only about three o'clock but the clouds in the sky make it appear later in the day. I think about the rumors that'll spread tomorrow and I cringe. I wonder if the Gabriels heard already. I sigh, damn  those boys. Since yesterday, they keep invading my thoughts. I walk into the orphanage and I see the boys decked out on the couch. James is missing, I instantly notice.

"James is getting us coffee, do you mind hot chocolate?" asks Will. I nod my head enthuiasctically.

"I love hot chocolate," I say dropping my bag on the floor and taking a seat next to Al. The couch is old and frayed but comfy and large and fits all six of us.

"I've never liked it, it's always looked liked watery number two to me," responds Ed with a disgusted look on his face.

"What about coffee, it's practically the same thing," I retort.

"Coffee's different," he says dimissively. I flick away one of Ed's chocolate curls.

"Your hair's the colour of hot chocolate," I observe. His smile drops and Al, Will and Ian burst with laughter.

"She got you there mate," smiles Al.

"Did you just say that my hair looks like crap?" Ed questions with a fake pout.

"I was joking. Your hair is much darker than hot chocolate, happy now?" I ask with a smile. He puts his hand under his chin in mock thinking.

"I am still thouroughly wounded by your joke," he announces out loud, "but I'll find a way to get you back," he whispers close to my ear, this is similar to what happened with Sonia. I burst out laughing at how creppy that sounded and Ed smiles, showing off his dimple. I look away and talk with the other guys about school and friends while Ed takes up tugging at my ponytail. 

Right then James walks in carrying our coffees and my hot chocolate. I quickly scoot away from Ed and get up to grab my cup. I hand the money over to pay for the drink and I look up into the baby blue eyes of James. He stares into mine and I start to feel woozy, like someone smashed a ton of bricks over my head or like when you play the flute for too long. I snap the connection and I stuff the cup into my mouth and pour the scalding liquid chocolate down my throat to distract myself.

I spend the rest of the evening downing my drink and laughing with the guys about different rubbish. I check the time and I announce that I have to do my homework.

"I'll see you guys later, okay," I say while walking towards my room. I feel James' eyes on me but I refuse to look back. I like him but I'm still not sure can trust him yet and if I look now I'm certain he'll be able to tell how he makes me feel.

Ed's P.O.V

Maybe I can't stop acting this way.

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