Just the way you are

Read and find out


3. The surprise

Hannah's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of my phone buzzing it was Alexandra i awnsered it hello.... Merry Christmas sleepy head ..... Whatever ....... why are you so mad... i never get anything anyway whats the point of being happy ..... well its worth a shot go see if you got anything.i got out of bed and walked down the stairs no one was home and there was a small box on the table with my name on it. I walked over to the box unwraped the smallbox afraid of what i would find. Inside the box were four front row tickets to a one direction concert in paris. I screamed and told Alexandra OH MY GOD I GOT ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!!!!! i heard her screaming in the background. after i told her she can come with me i quess she droped her phone from exictment. After i finshed talking to her i found a note attached to the bottom of the box i opened it and read it.....


i love you and i am sorry i am never therefore you but i hope this gift makes up for some of it i got you these tickets a five star hotel room bocked and a platinum card with 1 millon dollars on it i am sorry for everthing but me and james (my step-dad) have left and will be in the usa when you read this we will probalby never see each other again but i think its for the best have a nice life

love, mom \

P.S if you need anymore money or a place to stay there is keys to a bank box and an apartment that is waiting for you.

I sat down realizing what i had just read i didn't know how to feel i wanted to cry but also and want to jump around all happy. so i went up stairs packed my stuff and walked out of my house and locked the door with a tear rolling down my cheek.As i got into my car i was really hungry so i stop and got some breakfast and drove to my new house.When i brought all of my things in and was unpacked i walked into my new living room and sat on the couch with love actually playing on the tv one of my all time favorite movies i got on twitter and saw i had one new follower i figured some random person when i looked i almost threw my phone acroos the room i thought i was just dreaming so i pinched my self quite hard and realized i was NOT dreaming and the Harry the boy i was madly in love with followed me and he sent me a DM i opened it as fast as i could and read it You are beautiful don't ever let anyone get you down if you need someone to talk to i am here oh and bye the way i am Harry please don't do anything to hurt your self you are gorgues goodnight love OMFGAWDJ Harry thinks i am pretty but i bet he was just saying that i didnt no who to belive anymore but i replyed to him saying Thanks love i am glad someone cares and i know who you are but you don't have to pretend that you think that i am pretty or even talk to me no one does. After i sent harry the message i called the girls to tell them about every thing that happened today and they kept telling me that harry was going to fall in love with me and we were going toget married but i just rolled my eyes and then we stared planing what we were going to were to the concert we have 6 months put we have to look fabulous. After we were finished talking i went up stairs took a shower and got into bed. It has been a long day i said to my self as i let out a huge sigh and went to sleep humming little things. 


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