Just the way you are

Read and find out


2. that night

Harry's P.O.V

As i was laying in my bed i heard Louis screaming from the living room the boys were trying to cheer up liam since Dani just broke up with him. I stayed in my room because i was really not in the mood to be around anyone i was tired of all the rumors about me only having one night stands i want a relashionship but everyone that i go out with only want to date me because i am Harry Styles from One Direction not Harry from Cheshire  Then as i felt like i was about to fall asleep the boys came in and said its twit-cam time. I agreed unwillingly and walked behind them to the living room and begain the twit-cam  when we were finished i went on twitter i was seeing all of the super crazy fans trying to get us to follow them and i started to follow some until one of the girls that i followed tweeted back to someone and said good you should you are wasting air on the planet anyway and went and saw what she was replying to after i saw what the girl tweeted i followed her and sent her a DM and said you are beautiful don't ever let anyone get you down if you need someone to talk to i am here oh and bye the way i am Harry please don't do anything to hurt your self you are gorgues goodnight love.After i sent her the message i thought maybe she didnt like us for some reason and didn't want to seem pushy to make her like us but she really was gourgues i couldn't get her off of my mind all night i walked into the kitchen not realizing i was smiling and louis look at me and said why are you so happy? I said what are you talking about? As i felt the heat rise to my cheeks and niall said with a mouth full of food as always and he said if your smile gets and bigger your teeth will fall out. After a minute i told them about the girl Hannah and what i told her. Zayn said mate now you are acting like a crazy stalker and i actually really think i am because she was really beautiful. After we came home from eating Nandos i went to my room thinking about Hannah and i was nothing bad was happening to her and that she was ok. With the final thoughts of Hannah in my head i put on my ed sheeran playlist and went to sleep humming to the tune of The A Team. 

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