Just the way you are

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4. Harry

Harry's P.O.V

I have been trying to think of a way to make this girl believe me. I really think she is beautiful when i think of her i smile she is not like anyone i have ever had a thing for those were always just a your cute lets do it kind of thing. Me and my boo bear where heading to the studio to get on the bus the first day of tour starts today. And then it hit me i could invite her to one of our concerts  No she might not like us I could write her a song. No to mushy. I don't know what to do i run my hands through my curls and sink into the seat my eyelids getting heavy so i close them and try to think what i could do.



Hannah's P.O.V

6 Months later


Me and Alexandra are putting our last couple of things in to my Range rover and going to pick up the girls. We all finally found the perfect outfits to wear Alexandra has on light blue jeans with a beautiful white to that hugs her in all of the right places. Cameron has faded purple jeans with a green flowy top. Lauren and ally both couldn't come because they have summer school so i am going to give the 2 extra tickets to some one whenever i get to Paris. I finally decided on wearing salmon colored jeans and a white flowy top. Cameron just got to my house and now we are on our way to the airport for the best summer of our lives. I pull up to the airport and we have two hours to our flight leaves so we go through security and we go sit and watch the news for a while with our coffee from Starbucks in our hand. While we are waiting the news is talking about One Direction and here we are a bunch of 18 year olds trying not to fan girl in an airport. we must look like a bunch of crazy people because everyone is staring at us so we try and calm down to see what they news was talking about Harry Styles of One Direction not his cheeky self anymore and he is not going out any more is he home sick or love sick more on this story later. when the TV started to talk about the weather i turn to look at the girls and they had big grins on there face and they were staring at me rather strangely so i asked them whats up they started screaming HARRY LOVES HANNAH all of the airport was looking at them and i just sat here blushing could that be true. No it cant he is a world wide superstar he would never like me much less love me. with that are flight was called and we head to our first class seats Oh no this is going to be a long flight with these to by my side. Talking about how Harry will sweep me off my feet and we will have a romantic kiss in the rain at the top of the Eiffel tower. My eyes were getting heavy so i closed my eyes with my headphones and slept with a smile on my face thinking of Harry.

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