Just the way you are

Read and find out


1. i just can't do this anymore

Hannah's P.O.V

I was sitting on my bed crying my eyes out again with my arms dripping with blood with glass jammed inside them from my step-dad ramming me into pictures and my lamp as he was trying to rape me again this week. i just cant to this anymore i said to my self as i held the blade to my wrist as i was sliding it across as moments by one direction played through my iphone speaker as the rain poured in the tiny town of Cheshire yes the same place that Harry Styles lived. i herd my phone start to buzz it was my best friend Alexandra. i answered it sniffling she asked me whats wrong i just told her it was nothing and she  just brushed it off  then she remembered what she called to tell me. ONE DIRECTION IS DOING A TWIT-CAM RIGHT NOW GO LOOK AT IT HURRY she screamed through the phone and hung up. I grabbed my computer and pulled up the twit-cam then there they were those 5 beautiful boys. But like always my eyes were drawn to Harry the beautiful curly haired boy with those sparkling green eyes. As i sat there watching i realized i will never be good enough for anyone especially Harry Styles. All my friends tell me i am beautiful with my wavy brown hair and bright green eyes and that i am the skinniness 17 year old  girl at school i only weigh 115 pounds. But i am starting to believe everyone else at school who call be fat and ugly. I have only got 4 friends now and their names are Alexandra,Ally,Lauren,and Cameron. i lost all my other friends when my ex-boyfriend went around telling everybody how much of a slut i was. He went around telling people that after he broke up with me for me not wanting to have sex with him. That is why people are calling me a slut and asking if they can they get with me for one night. After the twit-cam was over i closed my computer and set it down after i finished getting all of the glass and blood cleaned up i laid back and prayed that tomorrow would be better not because it was Christmas i didn't care about that i never get anything anyway and i haven't since my dad got put in jail for something my mom did. I just wanted a break from everything just for one day. After i thought everything through i got my phone and went on twitter seeing all the tweets girls were putting trying to get the boys to follow them i admit i am a crazy stalker fan but i don't aggervate them with tweets begging for them to follow me. After i look at all the tweets i tweeted just cant take this anymore tired of feeling like this just want life to be over as i heard my step-dad and mom start to fight i tweeted it and put my phone on the charger. With in a second i was asleep finally this day is over.

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