Just by chance.

What if......
Thats all anyone thinks about. What if? Well, Hannah never through about the What if's before her boyfriend broke up with her, on Valentines Day.
That's when Hannah started thinking the What If's.
Maybe by chance.... someone will come into her life, and make things better.



1. Just by Chance.

I stared down at my phone, dumb-struck.

'Hey Hannah. Don't really know how to put this... so.. um..... I need some space. Sorry.I'm breaking up with you.'

How could he do this? Yeah, we weren't the perfect couple, but we worked. It always worked out. I looked up and looked around the resturant where we were supposed to meet, and sighed, trying not to let tears prick my eyes.

"Would you like anything to drink?"A waiter asked.

"Um.. sure. Dr. Pepper please."I smiled.

He wrote it down and nodded.

'Well, might as well eat since i'm here and dressed up.'I thought.

Once I ordered and my food came, I saw five guys walk in. Three of them had a girl with them, and the other two didn't. Wait- aren't they One Direction?

I watched as a waitress lead them to their table, when I locked eyes with the blonde member of the boy band. Even though it was only for a second, it clicked.

I leaned back, and picked at my food. I kept glanceing at my phone, hoping Josh would text me back, and want me back, but nothing. Not a single text. I felt a cool,single, tear roll down my cheek.

"Are you ok?"I heard an accent ask.I looked up and wiped my tear away.

"I'm ok."I replied.

"No you're not. Are you hear alone?"he asked glanceing at the open chair on the other side.

"Um.. yeah.. kind of."I said.

"Why is a gorgeous girl like you sitting here all alone on Valentines day?"he asked.

"My boyfriend, well ex-boyfreind, broke up with me. He didn't even show up."I laughed, because I wasn't entrily convinced myself, and the text Josh had sent.

I saw his eyes light up.Like he got an idea."Whats your name?"he asked.

"Hannah. Your's?"

"Niall. Stay right here. Please?"he said with an adorable smile. I nodded and he jumped becak and practically ran back to his table.

I saw him run out of the resturant, then come back in, go back to his table, then come back to me.

 He kneeled on one knee and pulled a single, perfect rose from behind his back.

"Hannah, will you be my valentine?"he asked with a smile and sparkle in his eye.

"I'd love to be your valentine Niall."I smiled and took the rose.

He smiled even more, and hoped in the seat across from mine.

"Would you mind sharing a dessert with me?"he offered.

I smiled, blushed and nodded.


We spend the rest of that night talking, getting to know eachother.


Just By Chance, Niall  came along and swept Hannah off her feet, mended her broken heart, and they both found love.

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