(This is a One Shot for the 1D movella valentines day competition)
Hello, I'm Hannah, Louis Tomlinsons best friend. It's Friday, Valentines Day, and me and Lou always get together on Friday's and have some fun. Today I was waiting for Louis, as he had been out with Eleanor, his girlfriend, when we walked in, something was terribly wrong


1. Mine

   Louis walked in red eyes and pale face. He sat down and sighed. What could be wrong with my Louis! "Do you want to talk about it?" "No, it hurts to much" "Awh Lou, you know I'm always here for you, tell me when your ready." "Thanks Hannah" I got up, pondering what I could do to make him feel better even when I didn't know what was wrong.

  That was when I got it. His favorite tea! That always seemed to make him smile. I walked into the kitchen putting it on to heat up. I stood there thinking about what could've happened. It was Valentines Day! Why wasn't he happy? I soon heard the familiar sound to signal the tea was ready. I fixed the tea to Louis perfection, and poured me a cup too.

 When I walked in Louis was laying down fast asleep on the couch, tear stains on his beautiful flawless face. I wiped them away setting the tea down. I ran my hands through his hair and placed his head in my lap. I pushed it back away from his forehead and kissed it lightly. I saw him smile, I figured he was dreaming. I was still sitting there when he started to whimper.

  Tears streaming down his closed eyes him sobbing every few minuets. "Louis, Louis wake up!" I shook him. He opened his eyes still full of tears. "Go ahead Lou, let it out its okay, come on you're alright let your feelings go." he busted out full on crying, I had ever seen him cry this much.

  I pulled him over holding him close, comforting him. "Shh, let it out." I rocked back and forth trying to sooth the crying BooBear in my arms. "Here Lou, I made you tea." "T-Thanks Hannah Y-you're the best." he smiled a small smile.

  He sipped his tea as I sipped mine and we sat in silence, peaceful silence. "You wanna tell me now?" "Yea." "Okay go ahead, when you're ready" "Well, you know how I went out with Eleanor today?" "Yeah." "Well we went to starbucks as usual then I took her to the park, where I had this set up for her" he pulled out his phone showing me the most beautiful set up for a picnic imaginable.

  There was rose petals lining the blanket a solid white blanket, a heart banner connecting two trees, 'Louis & Eleanor' embroidried into the blanket. A red picnic basket with heart shaped sandwiches and cookies. It was beside a lake with a fountain. "Louis, that's...amazing." "I-I kn-know" he whispered on the verge of tears. "When we arrived at the park she pulled me aside and she said. "Louis, I don't love you, I never have, I ever will, your so stuck up and nasty, your prideful and deceitful and I can't stand you anymore, you don't care about me or her or anyone." I said whos her she said "That girl you cheated on me with! You know Abbigail, yeah the SLUT yeah, you ruined my life Louis I never want to see your face AGAIN! YOUR OUT OF MY LIFE FOREVER!" I just ran, all the way here.. I knew you'd be here,"

  "Oh Louis! YOU ARE NOT ANY OF THAT! Your so much better than anything she ever said!" "That's not all, she cheated on me.. with another guy, I tried to commit suicide but you stopped me.. I came back here and here you were." by now I was bawling and he moved over to comfort me. I can't believe he was going to take his own life.

  "You better not -ev-ever do it again Louis I love you with all my heart your like my brother and if you died I would die and I can't see it! Your so much better than that, I know you wouldn't cheat on Eleanor, you loved he-" "Love, I can't get over her"

  "why did you want to commit suicide?" "Because I felt like no one loved me, or ever could love me again." "But I love you! NO not only in a brotherly sisterly way but I love you in THAT way I love you with my whole heart and I want you to be mine I want to kiss you at night I want to  hold your hand and tell everyone, your fans, management, the boys, our parents. Everyone. That you belong to me you're mine, and only mine. To cuddle up to at night take long walks in the park hand in hand. Run through you're flat you chasing right behind grabbing my waist and spinning me around both of us laughing. It would be so much fun for us to be together, yes there would be risks like one of us moving on, but I know deep down in my heart I wouldn't ever leave you"

  I honestly can't believe I just said that. Right to his face. I probably just ruined everything. I got up and walked off headed to the door. I had just put my hand on the knob when I heard him speak, ever so shakily, quiet and peaceful he whispered my name, barely audidable. I turned back to him he was smiling? Why smiling? His eyes had tears in them. "Co-come here" I slowly walked to him and sat beside him. He didn't say anything. He leaned close I thought he was going to whisper in my ear. He leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine. I was in shock at first but kissed back. His lips soft like a blanket, warm like a fire, and sweet as honey. Our lips danced with each other for quite a while. When we finally pulled away I looked at him tears streaming down his face, along with mine too.

  "That was everything I've ever wanted, everything I've ever needed." he said. "Me too." "I-I think, I think I love you." "I think I do too." "Well. Hannah. I shall be right back!" He jumped up and ran out the door.

Louis' P.O.V

 Wow. That was absolutely amazing. Now i have to make this Valentines Day the best ever. I ran to my room grabbing the blanket I had and ran out the door. Thinking back what I was about to do was blowing my mind. I was about to make this amazing. Running as fast as I could through the darkness by the light of my iphone. I made it just in time. I ran quickly back to Hannah. "Come on Hannah! Hurry!" I yelled startling her. she ran and jumped landing on my back 'Woaaa!" she giggled I walked out the door and straight to her waiting surprise.

Hannah's P.O.V

Louis was back in a matter of minuets! "Come on Hannah!" he yelled startling me a bit. I ran and jumped on his back "Woaaa!" I giggled he walked outside. We walked for a bout five minuets when he sat me down taking my hand and running up a hill. "Lou where are we going?" just as I said that we came up on a glow of candles and a set, just like Eleanor & his. I was in complete shock! "Lou! It's perfect!" it was magnificent. The whole set up. The banner had our names instead of El's and his and the blanket too. we sat down and ate ad throwing those cute little heart candy's with the message on them to each other catching them in our mouths. At one point Louis threw one and it landed in front of me. I picked it up and looked down at what it said.

Louis' P.O.V

I threw one purposely too short. It landed it right in front of her. She picked it up and read it in her head. I was shaking nervous, would she think it's too soon? Would she cry tears of joy? Would she laugh in my face? Nerves causing me to shake and wonder waiting as she read it.

Hannah's P.O.V

I read it. The heart simply said "Be Mine?" Louis wrapped his arms around my waist from behind. "Well, will you my love?" he whispered. kissing my cheek. aww he was shaking! I turned my head and pushed him down landing on top of him kissing him passionately and hard. After a minuet or to I pulled away still laying on top of him. "Does that answer your question?" "It sure does!" he said tickling me. We got serious again we had swapped places, him on me hovering over me. "I love you my sweet Hannah." "And I love you my little BooBear."





  A/N: Thank you for reading! This took me ages! Please note i have nothing against Eleanor shes my favorite girlfriend, just this is how my One Shot went..Please Like and Favorite! and check out my movella As Long As You Love Me another One Direction Movella! Thanks! xx

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