Loved You First

This is the sequel to my movella "Nobody Compares To You" read that first before you read this!

Celia is in college, the boys are on tour. Will Niall and Celia last? Will Celia meet new people? Read to find out!


1. Venting

Today is my first day of college. I am already on campus and It is time for my first class: film making. The door to the class is open, I walk and stop in the doorway, take a deep breath, and walk in. I am greeted with many unfamiliar faces, some stop and stare, one girl comes up to me with a big grin on her face. 

"Hello! I'm Julianne, what's your name?" she asks.   "Cecelia, but you can call me Celia or Cel's." I say smiling back at her.    "Well, looks like we're gonna be classmates! You will love Mr. Greene, he is my dad's friend, I've known him since I was a baby."    "Oh that's good to know, I'm a bit nervous." I say truthfully.    "Don't worry, you'll be fine. What class do you have next?" she asks.    "Advanced photography with Mrs. Willis." I say.    "Really? Me too! Do you wanna walk with me?" she asks.    "Yeah sure!" I reply. Class goes by very quickly and I have an hour break. I walk out with Julianne and my phone rings. It's Niall!    "Hello?" I answer.    "Oh my gosh Cel's I've missed hearing your voice! How is school going babe?" he asks.    "It's great! I met a friend in my film and photography classes. Her name is Julianne." I say, smiling at her.   "That's great! Tell her I said hello.-Niall! let's go we're gonna be late!" I hear another voice cut Niall off. "Babe, I'm sorry. I have to go." he says.   "Okay. and Ni, I-" the line went blank "Love you." I finish, even though he can't hear me. A tear escapes my eye and rolls down my cheek.    "You okay?" Julianne asks.   "Uhm, yeah I...I'm okay." I stutter "Can I just be alone for a bit? I'll see you in class." I say.   "Okay, see you there." she says, her smile faded. I sat down with my back against a tree and let more tears roll down my cheek. Niall hung up on me, without even saying goodbye. I miss him so much. I just need him here with me. Another tear rolls down my cheek and I wipe it away with my sleeve.    "Hey, are you okay?" a voice questions. I look up to see a boy with brown hair and blue eyes looking down at me.   "Please...Let me be alone." I sniffle   "Come on, I wanna help." he says sincerely.    " boyfriend, Niall. He just called me and then he said he had to go and hung up before I could respond, and he didn't even say goodbye. He's on tour with his band in the U.S." I explain. Why am I telling this to some guy I've never met?    "What an ass." he says.    "I'm sure he's busy but he could've at least said goodbye, or that he loves me, or good luck on the rest of my day." I say looking down, pulling out pieces if grass.    "Come on, I know what will make you feel better." he gets up and puts his hand out to help me up. I take it and he pulls me up and guides me to a small café. "They have the best hot chocolate ever. It always makes me feel better." he orders two hot chocolates and I pull out my wallet.  "No no, I got it." be says smiling.   "Uhm. Thanks" I say putting my wallet away. we walked over to a table and sat down.    "So where are you from?" he asks.    "New Hampshire. In the U.S." I answer.    "Oh wow, I'm from Massachusetts. That's weird, we're both from New England." he says smiling.    "That is weird." I chuckle. "Oh thanks for listening back there, I've just been needing someone to talk to. Because Niall and his band mates aren't here and my other friends are at other colleges, except my friend Becky, she's here but I haven't seen her."    "No problem, I mean, I can't really just walk by a girl who's sitting on the ground crying." he said sweetly.    "Well it wouldn't be the first time somebody did that to me." I admit.   "What do you mean?" he asks   "Well, when I was younger, I was bullied. Nobody really cared of my existence except for my parents, my friend Becky and my brother." I unload everything on him.    "Why would people bully you? You're beautiful." he says with a smile.   "Erm...thanks." I say awkwardly.    "I'm sorry I'm putting this all on you. I used to be able to talk to my brother about this stuff but..." I pause and tears form in my eyes.    "But what?" he asks confused.    "But he...died almost 2 years ago. He had Leukaemia." I say, letting a tear slip out. He wipes it away with his thumb.    "I know how you feel, I lost my cousin to Leukaemia a few years ago. It was really sudden." he says, looking down and fiddling with his hands.    "He was my best friend. He was always there for me no matter what. If he saw someone bullying me, he'd stick up for me and...I just miss him so much." I start crying and he comes over to me and pulls me into a hug. I pull away after a few seconds, my eyes blurred from the tears. "I gotta go, I just...can't do this here. I have to go back to my flat and calm down. I still have a half hour."   "Okay. If you need to talk, I'm here." he says    "Thank you." I say and quickly make my way out the door. I get to my flat and run into the bathroom. I was done crying so I fixed my make-up and headed to class. 10 minutes.
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