Loved You First

This is the sequel to my movella "Nobody Compares To You" read that first before you read this!

Celia is in college, the boys are on tour. Will Niall and Celia last? Will Celia meet new people? Read to find out!


3. Hiding

My last class was finally over, college is so much work. I really have to talk to Cam about what happened the other day. I need to know how he feels. My phone rang, interrupting my thoughts, it's Niall. 

"Cel's?" his thick Irish accent questions. 

"Hi." I say glumly. 

"You okay princess?"
he asks me. He really doesn't know? I haven't talked to my boyfriend in a week and a half. 

"Niall, I haven't talked to you since my first day, a week and a half ago. Zayn said you've been distant, and you didn't come to see me when Zayn came to see Becky. Do you even care about me anymore?" 

"I care about you more than anything in the world. But I couldn't leave because I was doing interviews. I've tried to call but then Paul always tells me to come do something." 
he lies. 

That liar, he told Zayn that he called me and he didn't, what the hell is he hiding from everyone? 

"It's okay babe, I just, missed hearing your voice." 
I say, trying not to let him know I was on to him.

"I have to go now, I will talk to you soon okay? I love you so much baby. don't miss me too much. We have 12 days off in a couple weeks." 

"I love you too Ni. Please don't leave me without a call for a week again. I need to hear your voice." 

"I won't. I love you okay?" 
he says once I again. I reply with an 'I love you too' and hang up. Why is he lying to everyone? Even Liam doesn't know, and they are best friends. 

I have to find Cam, I need to know why he kissed me. I start walking across campus, I see Jake standing with a few people, then I see Cam. I walk about half way to him but ge comes my way. 

he says awkwardly, rubbing behind his head. 

"Can we talk?" 
he nods and we walk back to my flat, it's only about a minute away. 

"I'm sorry I brought you to Jake's the other day, I know it wasn't that comfortable for you."

"That's actually what I wanted to talk about. You, you kissed me,  something's going on with Niall, I have a lot of schoolwork to do, I can't take all this stress."

"It, it didn't mean anything, I just saw you were so upset and I thought I could help you get your brother off of your mind." 
he says. 

"Well, all you did was confuse me. I don't know if you like me and I don't know if maybe I-" 
I pause. 

"Maybe you what?" he catches me. 

"No, never mind. Forget it."

"Maybe you, like me?" he says. 

"No. I love Niall, end of story." 

"You can like more than one person at a time." he states. 

"Are you serious? You tried to get me to stop thinking about my brother, who fucking died almost 2 years ago. Nobody cared that I had just lost my best friend. He was the only person who I told anything to, I finally meet someone, fall in love with him, and that hole in my life was almost filled, now you think you can take that away? you think you can just replace the man I love? That would also mean I lose 4 of my best friends. You think that I'll just magically be single? I can't-"

I am interrupted by him crashing his lips against mine. He holds my face as I try to break away from the kiss, but he is too strong. I give In because he won't let me go, a few moments later, he pulls away. 

"I'm sorry, but I like you a lot. If you don't like me, I will try to move on, I should've never brought you to Jake's and I wish you felt the same way. But I'll deal with it. I know you love that Niall kid. If things don't work out with you two, you know where to find me." he says as he walks towards the door. I stand there absolutely speechless after what he just told me. He turns around in the doorway. 

"Goodbye Celia." he says and walks away with his hands in his pockets. I close the door and slide down to the floor and bring my knees into my chest. I let out a loud sob, followed by streams of tears rolling down my cheeks. 

This is probably one of the worst days I've had since Jack died. Niall is hiding something big, I probably just made a bad decision that made me lose a friend, and I don't have Zayn, or Jack to help me through it. I continue to sob and finally after a few minutes I slow down, silently crying. 

"Jack" I cry softly with tears still rolling down my cheeks. 

"Jack" I say again crying harder again with my head in my hands. 

"JACK!" I yell and continue whimpering when I feel a hand in my shoulder. I look up to see a familiar face I haven't seen in almost two years. 

"Jack!" I say once again, identifying the boy sitting on the floor next to me. I feel like I'm in a movie, my dead brother is visiting me. 

"Cece, please stop crying. I hate seeing you sad." he says in his deep voice. I miss that voice. 

"I miss you, why did you have to go? You were all I had." I say, a tear rolling down my face. He wipes it away and I hug him. 

"It was my time, not everyone lives forever." he says. True, but nobody should be taken at 19 years old. 

"Your hair came back." I say smiling. 


"Am I just imagining you?" I ask 

"Well, you are imagining that I'm physically here, but I am with you in your heart. Your love for me makes me seem real enough to touch." he explains. 

"Well at least I get to see you, even if its just my imagination. How long can you stay?" I ask 

"Only for about another minute." I hug him tighter than I ever did when he was alive. 

"I love you Cece, and I need you to be happy, for me okay? And don't ever think that you should be the one in heaven. " 
I nod and hug him again. He helped me up off the floor, wiped away my tears, and walked towards the door. 

"Bye Cece, I am always with you." he says with his cheeky smile that resembles Harry's. 

"By Jack. I love you." he turns and walks out. As he gets further and further away he fades. I blink and the door is closed and I am alone standing in the hallway. 

"Come back soon." I say as I walk to my bedroom, my roommate is gone for the week so I'm here alone. 

Alone isn't really new for me.

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