Loved You First

This is the sequel to my movella "Nobody Compares To You" read that first before you read this!

Celia is in college, the boys are on tour. Will Niall and Celia last? Will Celia meet new people? Read to find out!


6. Hello and Goodbye

Celia, can I talk to you for a second? Liam asks, letting go of Dani's hand and coming towards me. I nod and we go into my room. 

"Who is that guy?" he asks    "It's my friend Cam, I told you that" I say   "And...why is he here?" he asks   "Uhm, we're hanging out. Is that a problem?" I say defensively.    "Well, no but I don't know what Niall will think about it." he says    "Liam, Niall has nothing to worry about. He's my friend. Period."    "Okay" he says unconvinced. I walk out of the room and Niall is in the hall waiting. He stops me and crashes his lips on mine. He pushes me against the wall and continues kissing me, I kiss back and my hands find their way into his messy blonde hair. We continue kissing for about thirty seconds until... "Get a room!" Louis says, interrupting us. Everyone looks over smiling and laughing, Cam just sits on the couch, looking like his mind was in a complete other place. I walk over to him and sit down next to him.  "You Okay?" I ask    "Just feeling kinda...sick. I think I'm gonna go." he says, getting up.    "Oh that sucks, well I hope you feel better. Do you need me to walk you home?"    "No I'll be okay, see you later Cel's. Bye everyone, it was nice meeting you." he shakes Zayn and Louis' hands and walks out. I stand there for a moment then walk towards the door.   "I'll be right back." they shake their heads and I open the door. I run over to Cam, on his way home.    "Cam, wait." I say, he stops and turns around.    "What?" he asks.    "Is there something else wrong?" I ask.    "I don't belong there Celia."   "What do you mean you don't belong there?"    "All the couples, everyone there has someone, and I have no one, and they are all rich and famous. I'm just a student. I can't watch you continue to date someone who cheated on you!" he shouts    "You don't know that. It's probably just another rumour! And it doesn't matter that you don't have a girl friend, you don't need one to be happy. And if I want to be with my boyfriend I can, I need time with him, too."    "Well clearly your boyfriend doesn't want me there. I'd hate to get between you two. I guess now that he's here, I should just let you have time together." tears fall from my eyes. All I see is hurt in his eyes, and a single tear escapes. He quickly wipes it away.    "Bye Celia. Let me know when you wanna be my friend."  he turns around, starting again walking back to his flat. I collapse onto the ground and more tears come from my eyes. Why do I keep hurting him? He is the one friend that doesn't go away and I keep letting him leave. He hates me. Why does every moment have to be filled with sadness? I cry 99% of the time.    "I'm sorry." I cry  "I'm sorry" I say again. I stand up and wipe my tears away. I turn around and see Zayn. I run towards him and jump into his arms. He holds me like a toddler and I cry into his shoulder.    "Celia, please, it's okay." he soothes me. I stop crying and look at him. I jump out of his arms and wipe my tears. I begin walking back towards my flat and I make sure I don't look like I was just crying and I walk back in.    "Sorry guys, what'd I miss?"    "we're just talking about Lou's wedding. do you think we should do blue, or red theme?" El asks.    "Why not both?" they look at me in all different ways. Puzzled, amazed, agreement.    "That's actually a great idea. Dani says excitedly. I walk over to Payton and give her a big hug.    "What was that for?" she asks.    "I've just missed you." I say.    "Oh and you haven't missed me?" Harry says with a pouty face.    "Aww Hazza, if course I missed you." I hug him tight and he seems satisfied.    "Guys it's late, we better get back to the hotel." Liam says.    "I think I'm gonna stay, if that's alright with you." Niall say directing the question towards me.    "Yeah that's fine." I say. They all start giving me hugs and leave couple, by couple.   
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