Loved You First

This is the sequel to my movella "Nobody Compares To You" read that first before you read this!

Celia is in college, the boys are on tour. Will Niall and Celia last? Will Celia meet new people? Read to find out!


9. Carnival

Celia's POV: 

  I wake up In Niall's arms, he is sound asleep sitting up. I try to free myself from his grip without waking him, but he opens his eyes and yawns.    "I'm sorry babe, I didn't mean to wake you, I just had to go to the bathroom." I say apologetically.   "It's okay princess go ahead." He says in his adorable morning voice.    Niall's POV:    Celia went to the bathroom and I see Caity coming from the kitchen.    "Niall do you want some pancakes? Auntie's making some." She says with smiling.   "Sure sweetie, thank you." I say patting her head slightly. Celia comes back and plops down next to me.    "Nice hair" I say pointing to her messy locks.    "Shut up, it's not my fault you trapped me in your arms all night." She says giggling, nudging me in the shoulder.    "Well it's not my fault you fell asleep In my arms." I say with a smirk.    "You're lucky you're cute Horan." She says poking my nose. I lean in and kiss her, just then, someone clears their throat behind us.    "I uhm...just wanted to know if you want juice with your pancakes." Catherine says, looking down awkwardly.    "I'll just have water, mom." Celia says.    "I'll have water too, thanks" I say quickly. We walk in to the kitchen and Celia sits down at the table.    "Mrs. Adams, do you want some help with that?" I ask her, noticing her struggle trying to carry the pancakes and the pitcher of water.    "Yes that would be great." I grab the items from her hands and set them on the table.    "Oh and Niall, honey?" She says softly    "Yes?" I respond    "Please call me Cathy, or Catherine." She Says.    "Oh, sure" I say sitting down next to Celia.    Celia's POV:  We finish eating our pancakes and Niall goes up to shower. Mom and I clear the table.    "So, what's the deal?" She asks, breaking the silence in the room.    "What do you mean?" I ask   "How did you guys end up together? What's the 'long story' you kept from us?" She asks    "Well, it all started when I went to Starbucks one day. I was sitting drinking a hot chocolate and I heard some guy talking on his phone, he was angry and he hung up the phone. He slammed his fists down on the table and his coffee spilled all over the place. I went over and helped him clean it up, then I asked if he needed someone to talk to so we took a walk and he told me about how his girlfriend basically broke his heart and I just helped him through it and we became friends and one night we were walking in the park and we kissed and I felt like he was perfect. He ended up getting back together with his girlfriend and I was heartbroken and I was crying and then another boy saw me crying and he comforted me and stuff and then long story short we started dating. The first guy was Liam, Niall's Bandmate and I loved him. I don't know I still kind of have something for him in my heart but I love Niall, and I just don't want to lose him. He means everything to me." I tell her everything.    "Honey, I don't know this Liam guy but obviously if you have feelings for him still, he has a right to know." She says.    "But it wouldn't change anything. I'm with Niall and he's with Danielle so what does it matter?"    "Fine. But you shouldn't keep it from Niall either. He is a nice boy, and from what I see he loves you a lot. If these feelings end up growing, you need to tell Niall about it."    "Okay Mom."    Niall's POV:    I walk down stairs after I'm done showering and I'm all dressed. I walk into the kitchen and see Celia sitting with her mom.    "Hey Niall, do you like Carnivals?" Catherine asks.    "Yeah I guess, the last one I went to wasn't really the best night." I say, remembering the night where we all went to the carnival, and I was alone. When Celia was with Liam.    "Well I'm sure you'll have fun this time. We are gonna go in a while, If you are up for it." She says   "Yeah, sounds like fun" I say   ****an hour later, at the carnival****   "So if you guys want to, we can just split up, you guys can go your way if you want." Catherine says.    "Wait, can I go with you guys?" Caity begs.    "Sure, come on let's have some fun" I say.    Celia's POV:  We walk up to the ring toss game and Niall pays for Caity and I to play.    "The object of this game is to get as many rings around the pegs in one minute." The guy running the stand says. He had a name tag on, it read "Cameron" An image shoots through my mind, Cam, kissing me on that bench, me kissing him back.    "You guys play, I'll just watch." I say. Niall and Caity toss the rings and they each get a few on. Caity wins a koala bear, and Niall picked out a tiger.    "Are you okay Celia?" Caity asks concerned.    "Yeah I'm fine, just a headache" Niall kisses me on the forehead and we walk to another stand.    ****Several Hours Later****   We are on our way home, Caity holds many stuffed animals, some of them were won by Niall, some by her. I hold the tiger Niall won on the first game. We arrive home and we are all tired, so we decide to just go to sleep.
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