Loved You First

This is the sequel to my movella "Nobody Compares To You" read that first before you read this!

Celia is in college, the boys are on tour. Will Niall and Celia last? Will Celia meet new people? Read to find out!


4. An Interesting Tweet

Hey guys! Sorry I took so long to post the chapters but i've been really busy! so here are two new chapters!! hope you like them! love you guys! keep commenting I would really like feedback! ~Justine 


Karen (my roommate) should be coming back tomorrow. I'm glad I won't be completely alone in this boring apartment for the whole weekend. 


  My phone rings and a picture of Becky shows up. I answer the phone: "Hey Becks. What's up?" I ask nonchalantly.    "Not much, just wondering if you wanted to hangout, we could go to Nando's and maybe do some shopping?" she asks.    "Uh, yeah sure." I say.    "Okay well I'm like 2 minutes away so I'll be there soon."    "Okay I just have to call my mom and dad, I haven't called them in a couple days." I say   "Okay, see you soon." she says before hanging up. I dial my mom's cell phone number and she answers after two rings.    "Mom?" I ask for clarification.    "Hi honey, how are you? How's school?" she asks.    "I'm good, I just miss Niall and he's in America touring right now." I say, I told her that I had fallen for a member of a boy band a little while ago. She seemed happy for me.    "He'll be back soon, I'm sure. Once you guys have break you should bring him home to meet us. I wanna get to know this boy my daughter is dating."   "Well he doesn't have a break for another two weeks so I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get there." I say figuratively.    "Okay honey well I gotta go, I'm going to pick out flowers for my garden." Same old mom. I think to myself.    "Okay. I love you, give Dad a kiss for me, and say hi to all the cousins and stuff." she should be going to Mass to see my cousins soon.   "I will, love you too honey I'll talk to you soon. Bye." I say bye and then she hangs up. Seconds later there is a knock at the door, I open it and see Becky smiling back at me. She greets me with a 'hey' and I grab my stuff, we walk to Nando's and wait for a table. The hostess walks us to our table and right at the table across from us is Jake and Cam. Of course. before I sit down we make eye contact. I give him a half smile and he gives a sort of... apologetic look. I sit down and take off my coat. Becky basically just asks me what classes I take for a while and I ask her.    "So, have you made any new friends?" she asks.    "Well, I thought I had one new friend, but he just left and hasn't talked to me since." I say glancing over to see Cam's blue eyes on me. He gives me a 'you aren't funny' look and I just look away.    "Oh, well did he have a reason?" she asks.    "Can we not talk about this right now? I don't really think i can explain everything thats happened to me lately." I just don't want to tell Becky because she doesn't understand me like Zayn does, he is who I go to when I need to talk. She gives me a puzzled look but then just nods her head. We finish eating and we leave. I fake that I have a stomach ache because I am not in the mood for shopping. I say goodbye to Becky and go back to my apartment.    *Hours Later*   I hear the front door being unlocked and In comes Karen. I say hi to her and she says she has to unpack, then we were gonna go get dinner. I don't really know Karen, seeing as she leaves like every two weeks for some reason. I haven't gotten to really get to know her, so we aren't exactly friends yet. About 15 minutes pass and she comes out rummaging through her purse.    "Ugh, where is it?" she mumbles   "Whatcha need?" I ask    "My lip gloss, I thought I brought it with me in my purse but its not here."   "Karen, you left your lip gloss on the counter in the kitchen, it's been there the whole time you've been gone..." I say    "Really? Wow I am an idiot." I chuckle and we leave the apartment and head towards an Italian restaurant at the end of the street, it just opened, so it was crowded.    "I hope it's good here." I say she nods and put her name in.    "Okay miss Pearson, it will be about a five minute wait for two." the hostess says. Karen thanks the woman and we sit down waiting for our table.    "Pearson for two?" a husky man holding menus says. We stand up and follow the man to our table. At the table next to us is...Jake and Cam. Why are we always coincidentally at the same place at the same time? Why god? I think to myself. He gives me a 'why are you here?' look and I just mouth 'sorry' to him and sit down. We eat our food fairly quickly and then we leave right away, so Karen could get some rest.    We get back to our flat, Karen goes right to bed but I stay and watch tv, given it was only about eight. I was in the middle of a show when my phone went off. Someone mentioned me on twitter.    "Has Niall found a replacement for his girlfriend @celiagrace99?" the tweet read, and there was a picture if him kissing another girl. from what the replies say, it is a girl named Cher Lloyd. I cannot believe what I am seeing, I rub my eyes and take another look. My eyes were definately seeing a picture of my boyfriend, with another girl. A tear comes from my eye and rolls down my cheek. I get up and open the door, I walk out onto the sidewalk and start walking. Tears one by one, slowly making their paths down my cheeks. My boyfriend, the first person I've fallen for, is cheating on me. And there is nothing I can do about it. 
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