Loved You First

This is the sequel to my movella "Nobody Compares To You" read that first before you read this!

Celia is in college, the boys are on tour. Will Niall and Celia last? Will Celia meet new people? Read to find out!


8. America


Hi guys! I'm so so so so sorry it took me ages to update! My computer is a piece of shit and it wouldnt let me copy and paste! sorry! But I hope you like this chapter! Nobody has commented so im not sure if anybody even still reads it:( well anyways Enjoy!



Our plane lands in Manchester at 2:30 pm. We get off, Niall puts on his beanie and sunglasses, just incase there are fans. We get our bags from the baggage claim and head outside. We call a taxi and I give him my address. 

"244 Grove street please" I say to the dark skinned man.    "Sure thing" he says, putting the meter on. I look over at Niall and he seems tense.    "Babe are you okay?" I ask him   "Uh, yeah. Just a bit nervous." he says looking down.    "Niall, they are gonna love you. They know how much I love you so they will too."    "Im just afraid they won't like me, because I'm famous." he says    "They are gonna love you" I reiterate.  My phone rings and my mom's picture comes up. "Hello" I say into the phone.    "Hi honey. Where are you?" my mother asks.    "We are about ten minutes away." I say.    "I can't wait to see you, and meet your friend, what is his name again?" I chuckle, she never had the best memory.    "Niall." I say looking over at him.    "Okay honey. Your cousins are here, I hope you're ready for company." she says.    "Okay well I can't wait to see everyone, Love you!" I say    "Love you too honey, bye" she says hanging up the phone.    "She says she can't wait to meet you." I say, kissing his cheek. We arrive in front of my house. I pay the taxi driver.    "Thank you!" I say to him. He nods his head and helps us with our luggage. After our luggage is taken care of he drives away. Niall and I walk in the door and leave our bags in the hall. He grabs my hand and intertwines our fingers.   "Ready?" I ask. He nods and we walk into the kitchen.    "Celia! welcome home" my mom says hugging me. Everyone else lines up for a hug and they all receive one.    "Where's Caity?" Caity is my eleven year old cousin.    "She went to the bathroom, she'll be down soon" my aunt says.    "Guys, this is my boyfriend, Niall. Niall, this is my family."    "Hi Niall, it's so lovely to meet you." my mom says, pulling him into a hug.    "It's nice to meet you too Mrs. Adams."    "Please, call me Cathy." she says, smiling.    "Pleasure to meet you Son. You can call me Dan." dad says shaking his hand. Niall shakes hands with my other relatives and my cousins give friendly 'hi's.    "Oh my gosh, Niall Horan!!!" my cousin Caity squeals. She runs over to him and hugs him tightly.    "What are you doing here?" she asks excitedly.    "I brought him, he's my boyfriend" I say.    "Really?! You're so lucky! I love you and the other boys, I am a huge directioner!" she says.   "Wow, well I wish the boys were here to meet you too. They are back in London." he says sweetly.    "Aww." she says.    "Maybe you can come to a concert sometime, I will bring you backstage." he says. I smile at him.    "Thanks! That would be awesome!" she smiles widely again.    "We are gonna have an early dinner, Do you like steak, Niall?" my mom asks   "I love steak!" he says happily. Mom smiles and starts setting the table.    "Let me help" Niall says taking the plates from her.    "Thank you, honey" she says.    "No problem" he says. He finishes setting the table and dinner is ready. We all take our seats and mom brings the steak, salad, and potatoes to the table.    "Help yourselves everyone." we all start putting food on our plates, and start eating.    "So Niall, what's it like being in a band?" my aunt asks him.    "It's great. I get to live my dream and the fans are incredible. There's always drama when you're famous but it doesn't bother me that much. All that matters is that I'm making people happy." he says, I smile and take a bite of my steak.    "Do you get paid a lot?" My cousin Anna asks.    "We get paid very well, yes. But it has never really been about the money. I get to do what I love with my best friends every day. Although its nice to have money in my pocket." he says   "How did you two meet?" my dad asks.    "Well I dated his friend, for a short time, and he introduced me to Niall, and his other friends." I say   "How did you end up dating him?" my cousin Joe asks.    "Uhm, it's kind of a long story. I don't really want to explain it right now." I say, looking down. Niall grabs my hand under the table.   "We better eat before it gets cold." my mom says, changing the subject.    We finish eating and my mom brings out pie for dessert. We take a piece of it and start eating.    "Apple pie is my favorite" Niall says.    "It's Celia's favorite too." my mom says. When dessert is done we both help clear the table. We load the dishes in the dishwasher. "Go unpack you two, I will take care of this." we pick up our bags from the hallway and I lead Niall up to my old bedroom.    "So, what do you think?" I say as I drop my bags on the floor.    "Your Mother is very nice, I like your family a lot." he says.    "I think they like you too. Thank you for being so good to Caity." I say.   "She's a sweet girl." he says    "She definitely likes you." I say. He pulls me into his chest and wraps his arms around my waist.    "I like her too, but not as much as I like you." he says.    "You're so cheesy." I say.    "I try" he says. He leans in and kisses me passionately. I tangle my fingers in his blonde hair kissing him back. We both smile into the kiss. It feels like forever that we kiss for. He pulls away for air.    "I love you so much." he says    "I love you too" I say. He walks over to a picture frame sitting on my nightstand. He carefully examines it.    "Is this your brother?" he asks    "Yeah." I say.    "What's that bruise on face from?" he asks.    "A kid was making fun of me so Jack  told him off and he got punched in the face. He had a bruise for about a week." I say.    "Well at least he was protecting you." he says   "Yeah, he always wanted to help me." I say, a tear escaping my eye. I sit down on the bed and look down at my hands. A few more tears follow.   "Please don't cry Princess." he says pulling me into his chest and kissing my forehead.    "Celia!" Caity comes in to my room. "Everyone is leaving, auntie wants you to come say goodbye."    "We'll be right down, sweetie." Niall says. We wipes my tears with his thumb.    "Come on Cel's" I grab his hand and we walk downstairs and say goodbye.    "It was lovely to meet you, Niall." my aunt says. He shakes her hand and says goodbye to everyone. That leaves, Me, Niall, Mom, Dad, and Caity (She lives here).    "Niall do you wanna watch a movie?" Caity asks.    "Sure, what movie?" he asks.    "We could watch Pitch Perfect!" she says enthusiastically.    "Yeah I love that movie." we all sit down in the living room.  Mom and Dad sit on the love seat, and Niall sits between Caity and I on the couch. She smiles as he sits down. He grabs my hand and the movie starts.    **2 hours later**   Cathy's POV:    The movie ended and I shut the TV off. Celia was sound asleep in Niall's arms he was awake just staring down at her. I cover them with a blanket and leave the room.    Niall's POV:    "You're really nice to my cousin." Caity says to me    "I love her more than anything." I say    "More than Nando's?" she asks.    "More than Nando's." I chuckle.    "Hey Niall?" she asks    "Yeah?"    "Did you mean it when you said I can come to a concert?" she asks    "Of course. I think the boys would love to meet you."    "I would love to meet them, it's my dream."    "Well now your dream can come true."
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