One direction one shot valentines day ! C:

This is my one shot for one direction valentines day contest entry soo yeah enjoy ^_^


1. valentines day

The boys are all getting ready for their valentines day concert.

There are 5 girls who one a contest got to go backstage with the boys and hang out. Cindy, Jamie, Laura, Marrie, and Harriet all waited patiently after the amazing concert. Louis walks up to Jamie, and gives her a white rose, then a sweet kiss on the cheek. Her cheeks began to get ot and red. She hugged im tightly and started to scream inside. He told her that she was his valentine, and asked her if she would spend valentines day with him. She nodded and he hugged her and smiled. Harry walked up to Cindy, then give her chocolate. She smiled and thanked him. He told her that he had a whole day planned out for them tomorrow, and she got super excited. She couldnt wait, her heart felt like it was going to burst with joy. Laura looked at Zayn, Marrie looked at Niall, and Harriet looked at Liam. They all gave them teddy bears that said "Be Mine?" on them, the three girls squeeled and hugged them. The next day, the girls were all ready for valentines day. They were dressed nicely and looked beautiful. The boys met them at the mall, and they all gave them a dozen red roses, 1 real and the rest plastic then said to them, "These are for you, i will love you until the last one dies." They shopped and had an amazing time. The girls were saddend when they thouhg tthey would never see the boys again, until they all exchanged numbers. After that day, they never stopped talking. The girls said that was the best valentines day ever, and they would love to see how other girls would react to the situation. They hoped that other girls would get to to the same thing with the best boy band in the world. One Direction. C:

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