Love At First Sight *Complete*

Amber and Emily are just normal Directioners. And it's just a normal Valentine's Day in Londan. That is, untill Harry and Niall run in to them. They aren't doing anything, so they offer to show the girls around. It only gets better from there.
*This was for the One Direction Valentine's Competition. If you want to read the story that was then writen because I wanted to develope the story. Go check out my story "You're Famous, I'm Not". Thanks. :)*


1. One Wonderful Valentine's Day

*London-Valentine's Day*

"I can't figure out where we are," my friend, Emily, complains.

"Maybe if you didn't have the map upside down, you could," I say.

"Oh," her face gets red with embarrassment. She flips the map around. "Do you really think two fifteen year old girls should be walking around Landon, alone."

"We told our parents we could do this. If we can't, they'll keep treating us like little kids," I take a look at the map. "We're right here. At the shop, that I can't pronounce." I look around at the suroundings. "I think," I let out a sigh. "Maybe we're not ready to be on our own."

"What happened to the optimistic Amber?"

"You're right. Let's just go this way," I point down the road. "Looks like some good shops."

"Okay." And we start down the road. Not even a minute later, two people stop very suddenly in front of us. With no time to pass them; we ram right in to them. Both of us staggering back a few inches.

They turn around to face us. Both of them are wearing sunglasses, and one is wearing a beanie. The other is wearing a baseball cap. The beanie wearing one speaks up, "Sorry loves," he says in a british accent.

That voice, I've heard it before. "Who are you?" I ask.

"How about we go someplace, less, public," says the baseball cap one. He's irish. And I've heard his voice before too.

"Okay." They take our hands and we go to some museum. There's only a few people here. Right as we get to the back, they both take of their sunglasses and hats. Standing before me is Harry Styles and Niall Horan.

"Please don't scream," Harry says.

"Why would we?"

"That's just what all the girls do," Niall answers.

"That's dumb. You're just normal guys."

Harry smiles, and I see his famous dimples. "Say, why are you two pretty ladies alone on Valentine's Day?" Harry asks.

"We don't have to be. If you guys want to hang out."

"What do you say Niall?"

"How could I pass up being with two pretty girls."

"It's settled then."

*Hours Later*

The four of us walk up to Emily and I's hotel. Laughing at some joke Niall made. They took us to some great stores, and Emily and I got some cute clothes. They also took us out to lunch. We've gotten to know each other so well. Niall pulls Emily aside; to say his goodbye. It's just me and Harry now. He takes a piece of paper out of his pocket and hands it to me. It has his phone number on it. "Call me before you go to bed. Kay, babe."

My face heats up, "Okay."

"See you later."

"Mkay. Bye."

Niall comes over, "Let's go Harry. See you later Amber."

"Bye Niall." And they leave.

Emily and I walk inside the hotel and go to the elevator. Once inside, "I got his phone number!" we both exclaim. All we can do is smile.

*Right Before Bed*

"Tomorrow. You sure?" I ask.

"Positive. Hey babe, got to go. Talk to you later." Harry says.

"Kay, bye."


I hang up. "Hey Emily!" I call to her.

"Yeah?" she calls back.

"We've got a double date tomorrow." 

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