Love Rekindled:A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction

A/N: Hello darlings, having been stressed out with my personal statement for university I had a dream that I was at university, I couldn’t have told you which university it was, although for this story I`m going to say its Southampton Solent where I really want to go. My friend was in her room crying because she had just seen her boyfriend kissing some girl. This was where the idea came from and I thought why not make it as though Tom was her boyfriend and the one that kissed the girl. It goes back from different time periods from their time at university in 2001 to the year 2013 when Thor 2 is released. This is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy <3


1. Prologue-November 2013 <3

Prologue: November 2013


Sophie’s POV


I never thought I’d see him again, yet here he was strolling down the red carpet greeting fans, smiling for photos and talking to press and I was now one of them, working for one of the most famous film magazines in the world: Empire.


I’d got the job a couple of years after university having to work in a few offices before getting the job I so wanted. It was worth the wait though, I loved my job, and it was everything I wanted and more. Not because I got to go to all of the red carpet events and meet and interview celebrities, but because I generally enjoyed writing and researching about the next celebrity I’d interview so I could watch their filmography.


I couldn’t believe he was here, and so was I, and I had to interview him! As he approached the press pen near where I was standing waiting to interview him he looked over at me and smiled, a wide smile showing two pearly sets of white perfect teeth. I smiled back; all these memories came flooding back to me. Tom cheating on Charlotte, his performance of Romeo and Juliet I had to go and review. Charlotte catching me and Tom in a very, lets just say awkward position and the many times we spent going to the theatre and cinema, taking long walks through the park, talking about anything and everything.


I was pulled out of my trance by a “Thankyou, Mr Hiddleston” from an interviewer next to me. “My pleasure” Oh my god, his voice, the many a times he sat reading and quoting Shakespeare to me. It all came flooding back. Then I realised I had been staring at him the whole time lost in thought. He walked over and stood in front of me. I stood admiring his gorgeous lean frame and perfect face. Dressed in a white shirt, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, a back waist coat, black trousers and dress shoes and a black and blue striped tie. His blue eyes shining, gorgeous cheekbones and lips and a few days stubble grown around his chin and top lip. All these feelings came flooding back.


“Hello Sophie, darling. It’s so good to see you. I knew you could do it” he leaned over the pen and kissed my cheek. “Tom” I whispered, not quite believing it. Quick women, professional film journalist mode. He’s just another actor. But he’s not my conscious screamed back. He’s Tom Hiddleston. Tom, your Tom. He smiled pulling away. I coughed trying to regain my composure and be professional.

“Mr Hiddleston, it’s a pleasure” I smiled.

“The pleasure is all mine my dear, and please, call me Tom” he smiled.

“Okay, Tom. You’ve played Loki twice now, first in Thor and The Avengers, and now Thor 2, what is it like to be playing him a third time and how has he changed since both Thor and The Avengers?”


The interview went well. After I had asked him the last question and he’d answered I thanked him. He smiled before saying “A pleasure darling”, he leaned across the pen again kissing my cheek and whispered in my ear “Meet me after the film outside the main entrance, I’d love to catch up” before kissing my cheek again and moving along the line to as yet more interviews. I continued doing my interviews, interviewing Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and director Alan Taylor before making my way into the theatre to watch the film with the other journalists. I couldn’t help but let my mind wonder walking into the theatre about meeting Tom afterwards.


Tom`s POV:


I hadn’t seen Sophie since university. I never expected to see her again, especially after I left in my second year of studying drama at Southampton to go to RADA. Yet here she was, behind the press pen at the premiere of Thor 2. I knew she would fulfil her dream.


She lived in the same flat with me and Charlotte, my ex girlfriend at university. I loved Sophie from the first moment I met her, but ofcourse I couldn’t admit that to her as I was with Charlotte.


Instead I done the unforgivable and ended up getting drunk and kissing some random girl right infront of Charlotte. She ofcourse then went and told Sophie as that’s what girls did with their best friends, they told them everything. With Charlotte having told Sophie that I had kissed and cheated on her, Sophie automatically took an instant disliking to me. I was young and naïve, nineteen at the time, I didn’t know any better, but now I see that as no excuse.


 Either way we didn’t get off to a good start and we pretty much ignored each other whenever we were in the flat together, well she ignored me anyway. I guess I couldn’t blame her.


We didn’t start getting on properly until she had to come and write a review and interview me after my performance of playing Romeo in the Christmas production of Romeo and Juliet. We went out to dinner afterwards and something just clicked. Suddenly I didn’t want to be a way from her, I never did but even more so once I got to know her properly.


We started to get closer as friends and then when welcoming in the New Year of 2004 everything changed. I kissed her and from that moment I knew that she liked me back. We had a relationship, hiding our relationship behind charlottes back, I wasn’t going out with her as we broke up not long after she saw me cheating again but still, myself and Sophie both felt as though we had to hide out relationship, which we did pretty well, for a while. It was all going great but then I got that letter I so longed for but the letter that changed and wrecked everything. The letter letting me know that I had gotten accepted to The Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts. Everything changed after that, ofcourse I took it but broke both mine and Sophie’s hearts in the process. We hadn’t spoken since and now here she was. I took it as though fate was on my side and bought us back together after all these years for a reason.


As soon as I got close enough to see it was her, my heart leapt into my chest. I couldn’t believe she was here, Sophie, my Sophie, the teenage girl who at the age of eighteen stole my heart, was here. She didn’t look any different, still as beautiful as ever. All these memories came flooding back to me, the amount of times I sat and read Shakespeare to her, taking long walks in the park, that afternoon she gave herself to me completely. My heart swelled at the memory.


I turned around and smiled at her, showing my set of pearly whites. She smiled back, a tiny smile that formed on her perfect red lips. The amount of times I had kissed those perfect lips. I longed to do it again. I kept stealing odd glances and smiles at her throughout my interviews. She stared at me lost in thought. Was she remembering all those memories we shared less than eleven years ago, too?


I finally got to the journalist next to where Sophie was standing. It was so hard to not focus on her especially as she was gauping right at me. I answered the journalist’s questions as best I could feeling two piercing eyes staring at me in the process, not just any eyes however, the most beautiful big green eyes I had ever seen, the eyes of Sophie Evans, my Sophie, my love who I have never gotten over.  


The journalist finally finished her questions thanking me for my time. “My pleasure” I replied. As soon as I said that Sophie looked up and froze. I locked eyes with her; it was as though time stood still. I walked over to her keeping eye contact.

“Hello Sophie, darling. It’s so good to see you. I knew you could do it” I said to her, leaning over the pen and kissing her cheek. I probably shouldn’t have done that but it was just a natural reaction and as though there was no one else in the world but us.

“Tom” she whispered. I smiled pulling away from her. She coughed trying to regain her composure before addressing me. “Mr Hiddleston it’s a pleasure” she smiled.

“The pleasure is all mine my dear, and please, call me Tom” I smiled. I disliked being called Mr Hiddleston; especially by Sophie, it was so formal and she never called me Mr Hiddleston, only Tom or Thomas on occasion, especially when we used to make love. Oh how id love to make love to her again. Tom stop that thought right now, you haven’t seen her in years and you need to get your trust and friendship back first before you start thinking about that.

“Okay, Tom.” She smiled. The way her name rolled off her tongue, only Sophie could make my name sound like poetry. “You’ve played Loki twice now, first in Thor and The Avengers, and now Thor 2, what is it like to be playing him a third time and how has he changed since both Thor and The Avengers?” I answered all of her questions giving fully detailed answers to every question she asked. It was just like we were back at university and as though she was interviewing me for the first time all those years ago.


Once she had asked and I had answered the last question she thanked me. I smiled before saying it was a pleasure and leaning across the pen and kissing her cheeks again before whispering in her ear for her to meet me after the film outside the main entrance as I’d love to catch up. It was true, I did. I longed to hear all about what she had been up to since leaving university. I continued with my interviews just as she continued with hers. I finally made my way into the theatre joining my other cast members including Chris and Natalie as we sat and watched all of our hard work over the last few months play out on screen. In the back of my mind I couldn’t help but wonder what Sophie would think of it and about meeting her afterwards.

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