Love Rekindled:A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction

A/N: Hello darlings, having been stressed out with my personal statement for university I had a dream that I was at university, I couldn’t have told you which university it was, although for this story I`m going to say its Southampton Solent where I really want to go. My friend was in her room crying because she had just seen her boyfriend kissing some girl. This was where the idea came from and I thought why not make it as though Tom was her boyfriend and the one that kissed the girl. It goes back from different time periods from their time at university in 2001 to the year 2013 when Thor 2 is released. This is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy <3


6. Chapter 5-January 2002 <3

Chapter 5: January 2002


Sophie’s POV


I awoke the next morning to find I was still in my dress from the previous evening; the covers draped over me and a note on my bedside. It took me a while to realise where I was and what had happened. Maybe I had drunk more than I thought, although I didn’t feel that hung-over just a little headache. I looked at the note realising it was from Tom and the memories from last night came flooding back. Dancing at the club, Tom being jealous and him punching the boy I was dancing with when he tried to kiss me, me slapping Tom and then him coming to my flat at midnight wishing me a happy new year and kissing me again, admitting his feelings to me. I smiled at the memory picking up the note from my bedside.


The following was written in his neat hand.


Good Morning, Sophie my darling,

I trust you slept well. Sorry I had to leave you I had to get to a lecture for 10 and I didn’t want to wake you. You looked so peaceful. My lecturer finishes at 1 if you wanted to meet me outside pizza hut at say 1:15 for a spot of lunch. Text me once you’re awake darling.

See you later.

Lots of love




I looked across at the clock on my bedside. 10 o clock it read. Luckily enough I didn’t have any lectures today so I could have a chilled morning before meeting Tom for lunch and then come back and get on with some work later.


This was going to be a good year, I could feel it.


When I was fully awake I text Tom to let him know I was up and that lunch sounded good before having a shower and getting dressed into a pair of jeans, brown boots and a purple and white jumper, tying my hair back into a side ponytail and heading to meet Tom at Pizza Hut.


I arrived a few minutes before Tom; I was never one to be late. Tom came down the road a few minutes later dressed in a pair of dark jeans, a blue t shirt and leather jacket, his blonde curls all over the place. He looked adorable. I smiled as soon as I saw him. He smiled back coming over and pulling me into an embrace.

“Hmm you smell heavenly” I sighed. Tom chuckled. The smell of Tom and his Armani aftershave.


He grabbed my hand escorting me into the restaurant. We enjoyed a nice lunch getting to know more about each other; he asked me more about my course whilst I asked him how his lecturer was. He said that they had found out that the next production was Henry V. I loved Henry V it was my favourite Shakespeare play. He asked me to rehearse his lines with him for his audition and if he got the part. Ofcourse I agreed, especially as Henry V involved the wooing scene between Henry and Catherine, my favourite scene.


We also spoke more about our families. He told me more about his childhood and that his mum was originally from East Angelia and his dad from Glasgow in Scotland. He used to spend the summers with his cousins and before they went back to the countryside they would put on shows for their parents, he also told me that he played rugby whilst at Eton and was given the ultimatum of deciding whether to do rugby or drama when he came out onto the pitch with makeup still on his face. I laughed at this.


We then took a walk through the park back to our flat hand in hand. I loved the feel of his hand in mine. We enjoyed just being in the moment and not worrying about the future, although in the back of my mind I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if or when Charlotte found out. Somehow I didn’t think she’d be very happy. But it wasn’t as though Tom`s still going out with her and that we were having an affair behind her back, far from it. I guess we’d just face that bridge when we came to it, which we almost did back in the kitchen at our flat.


Tom stood at the counter making us both a cup of tea. I walked over to him placing my hands around his waist nuzzling my face into the back of his leather jacket. I loved the smell of leather with the hint of Armani aftershave. I could feel Tom loosen up and smile before he turned around and placed a kiss on my forehead. I could get used to this I thought.


Suddenly Charlotte appeared against the kitchen doorway. I jumped away from Tom causing him to spill tea down both my jumper and his grey t shirt. It seeped through his grey t shirt quicker than it did my jumper; he was now stood infront of me his grey t shirt stuck to his body, giving me a clear view of his chest. My mouth hung open. I would have laughed if Charlotte wasn’t in the room but I had to act as though I didn’t like him. Oh god this could be interesting. A smirk began to appear on my lips. Tom looked down at his shirt and then back at me raising his eyebrow.

“Oh my god, Sophie I`m so sorry” Tom said wetting a tea towel and coming over to mop the tea stain off my jumper. I stopped him pulling away. Tom stood there with a confused look on his face.

“Tom, this is a new jumper and now you’ve got tea all over it, how could you!” I said trying to raise my voice like it was a big deal trying to stop the laugh that was working its way up.

Charlotte stood looking on in amazement. “Sophie, I`m so sorry” Tom said again. I brushed passed him and Charlotte to go back to my room.


A few minutes later there was a knock on my door. I knew it was him by the knock. “Soph, it’s me” he said through the door. “Are you decent?”

“Come in”


Tom walked in an apologetic look on his face. “I bought you your tea” he placed it down on my bedside before coming to sit next to me on the bed. “Thanks” I replied. “I`m so sorry, Soph” he said a look of apology on his face. I burst out laughing. “Tom its fine, it’s not really new I just wanted to make a scene infront of Charlotte so she didn’t suspect anything.” A look of relief washed over his face. He took my hand in his placing a kiss on my knuckles. I rested my head on his leather jacket.


We stayed like this for a while before Tom stood up to leave “I guess I better go and get cleaned up and get some work done” I frowned. I didn’t want him to leave but I had to get on with work too and we both knew that if I went into his room to study or if he bought his books in here that neither of us would.

“Yeah, I guess you should, ive got work I need to do too, unfortunately.” I replied. I got up with him pulling him into an embrace. He hugged me back nuzzling my cheek before giving me a long passionate kiss and walking out the door back to his room to study. 


Tom`s POV


I was awoken around eight by my alarm and the sun streaming brightly through Sophie’s window. I couldn’t help but take in the view of Sophie beside me. The way the sunlight shone on her beautiful brown hair and the way she stirred in her sleep from her position facing the wall to cuddle close to my naked chest when she heard my alarm. It was as though she knew I had to leave and she didn’t want me to. I smiled placing a strand of hair behind her ear listening to her soft breathing until my alarm sounded again.


No matter how much I didn’t want to leave her I knew I had to as I had to get showered and dressed for a lecturer I had at ten. If only it wasn’t an important lecturer about the new college production I would have stayed. Oh she looked so peaceful.


I placed a light kiss on her forehead before slowly slipping out of the covers to find my shirt. We got so carried away in the moment last night that my shirt somehow ended up over the other side of the room. Nothing happened, no matter how much we both wanted it to. I wasn’t going to have her like that, when we had both had a bit to drink. I wanted to make sure she didn’t regret it in the morning.


I found my shirt and quickly slipped it on before finding a piece of paper to scribble a quick note. I didn’t want to wake her, she looked too peaceful and I knew she didn’t have any lecturers this morning so thought she should sleep in. I also didn’t want her to think that I’d left in the middle of the night and that last night, meant nothing to me so I thought writing her note would be best. Kind of romantic in a way.


I found a piece of paper on her desk and in my delicate hand scribbled her a note letting her know how peaceful she looked and apologing for leaving her as I had a lecturer I had to get to. I let her know the time my lecturer finished asking her if she wanted to meet for lunch and for her to text me when she was awake just to check she was ok with me before placing it by her bedside, taking one last look at her and closing the door quietly behind me.


I headed back to my room getting showered and dressed before heading into the kitchen to grab some breakfast. Luckily enough the kitchen was empty and I ate my breakfast and drunk my coffee in peace before heading to my lecture.


Just as I arrived at my lecturer I got a text from Sophie. I smiled to myself before reading it.


Morning Tom-Tom,

Thankyou for the note. I slept like a baby, whether that was because of the drink or having you near me I don’t know, I`m guessing both. Hope I didn’t interrupt you from your lecturer but thought id text you when you awoke just like you asked. Lunch sounds good. I’ll meet you outside Pizza Hut at 1:15. Have a good morning Tom-Tom.

Lots of love




I smiled to myself. Tom-Tom? Was that her new nickname for me? because if it is its kind of cute. I typed a quick reply before the lecturer came in. The three hour lecturers usually drag but this one wasn’t too bad. Maybe that was because he was talking about our new production or maybe it was because I was meeting Sophie after for lunch.


Three hours later I emerged from the lecture with a smile on my face. I found out our next production was going to be a production of Henry V. My favourite Shakespeare play. I couldn’t wait to audition for it and if I got the role of Henry it meant that I could ask Sophie to help me rehearse the scenes, especially the courting scene between Henry and Catherine.


A few minutes later I arrived outside Pizza Hut. She was already there waiting for me dressed in a pair of jeans, brown boots and purple and white striped jumper, her brown hair tied in a loose pony tail to the side of her shoulder. She smiled when she saw me. I smiled back. God, she was beautiful, she was always beautiful but especially today.

“Hey Tom-Tom” she greeted me, smiling

“Hello, love” I smiled back pulling her into an embrace.

“Hmm, you smell heavenly” she sighed nuzzling my neck. I chucked. I didn’t smell any different than normal, just a hint of my normal Armani aftershave I loved so much. I pulled away grabbing her hand escorting her into the restaurant.


We enjoyed a peaceful lunch of coke and margarita pizza. I told her about my lecturer and what the latest production was going to be. She smiled such a wide smile when I told her that it was Henry V as that was her favourite Shakespeare play too. She agreed to rehearse lines with me for my audition and if I got the role.


It was nice getting to find out more about her course. She said it was much better than she expected, getting to write features and reviews.. Sophie told me that once she finished her course she wanted to be a journalist that specialised in film as she enjoyed both watching and reviewing them. I smiled at this.


She asked me more about my acting, I told her that I had grew up doing impressions for my family and that me and my sisters always used to put on shows but that I  didn’t get into it properly until I was thirteen when my parents divorced. She told me more about her family and that she found she wrote more once her dad left to get her feelings down on paper. I gave her a sympathetic smile holding her hand across the table. We continued eating like this, with our hands intertwined while we ate and whist I told her the story of me playing rugby at Eton and my coach making me choose between dram and acting when I came on the pitch still in my make up from the play I had just finished. She laughed at this. I loved her laugh. It was one of the most beautiful things I had ever heard.


After lunch we walked hand in hand through the park in order to get back to our flat. Neither of us spoke about our relationship and what the future held, we just wanted to live in the moment although there was the issue of Charlotte to deal with. Even though we weren’t together I had a feeling she wouldn’t be very happy with me going out with Sophie, especially as they were best friends. I mean we weren’t in the wrong but I think there was a rule within girl code that you weren’t meant to date your friend’s exes until atleast sixth months after, or so my sister, Emma had said anyway.


When we got back to our flat we went into the kitchen. luckily enough it was empty so our time together wouldn’t have to be cut short. Sophie came up behind me when I made the tea putting her hands around my waist leaning her head on the back of my grey t shirt. I smiled turning around to face her placing a kiss on her forehead.


Sophie suddenly jumped causing me to spill tea down both my grey t shirt and Sophie’s jumper. “Oh my god, Sophie I`m so sorry” I turned around to see why she jumped away from me so quickly. Charlotte was stood against the doorway. It didn’t take long for the tea to seep through my grey t shirt making it stick to me and go see through. I looked down at my shirt and then back at Sophie raising my eyebrow. Sophie’s mouth hung open a smirk beginning to form on her lips. Either she was in shock that I had spilt tea down her jumper or she liked what she saw. I was hoping it was the latter.


“Oh my god, Sophie I`m so sorry” I said again wetting a towel, going over to mop the tea stain off her jumper. She stopped me placing her hand on my wrist pulling me away. I really didn’t mean to do it, it was an accident. I stood there with a confused, hurt look on my face hoping she would forgive me.

“Tom, this is a new jumper and now you’ve got tea all over it, how could you!” she said beginning to raise her voice. Oh no she’ll never forgive me. I`m such an idiot. Charlotte stood looking on in amazement. “Sophie, I`m so sorry” I said again. All right asshole you apologising god knows how many times really isn’t going to help.  Sophie brushed passed me and Charlotte to go back to her room.


Me and Charlotte stood there in shock for a while. This was awkward. I needed to go and apologise to her. After a while Charlotte came fully into the kitchen putting her tomato soup in the microwave whilst I finished making the tea. “Guess I better go and give this to Sophie before it gets cold” I said and exited the kitchen.


A few minutes later I knocked on her door. “Soph, it’s me” I said through the door. “Are you decent?” I asked her through the door.

“Come in”


I walked in an apologetic look on my face. “I bought you your tea” I told her placing it down on her bedside before sitting next to her on the bed. “Thanks” she replied. “I`m so sorry, Soph” I said to her again. She burst out laughing. Why was she laughing at me?

 “Tom its fine, it’s not really new I just wanted to make a scene infront of Charlotte so she didn’t suspect anything.” A look of relief washed over my face. I took my hand in hers placing a kiss on her knuckles. She rested her head on my leather jacket.


We stayed like this for a while listening to each others breathing. I could stay like this forever but I unfortunately had some work to do. I got up to leave. Sophie grabbed my arm frowning at me. “I guess I better go and get cleaned up and get some work done” I liked being with her, spending time with her. I’d spend all my time with her if I could but then my work wouldn’t get done.

“Yeah, I guess you should, ive got work I need to do too, unfortunately.” She replied getting up and pulling me into an embrace. I hugged her back nuzzling her cheek before giving her a long passionate kiss and walking out the door back to my room to clean up and get some work done.



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