Love Rekindled:A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction

A/N: Hello darlings, having been stressed out with my personal statement for university I had a dream that I was at university, I couldn’t have told you which university it was, although for this story I`m going to say its Southampton Solent where I really want to go. My friend was in her room crying because she had just seen her boyfriend kissing some girl. This was where the idea came from and I thought why not make it as though Tom was her boyfriend and the one that kissed the girl. It goes back from different time periods from their time at university in 2001 to the year 2013 when Thor 2 is released. This is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy <3


3. Chapter 2-December 2001 <3

This chapter is more where the story begins and the relationship between Sophie and Tom really forms. I hope you enjoy <3


Chapter 2: December 2001


Sophie’s POV


I couldn’t believe I had almost completed my first term at Southampton. The course was absolutely amazing and I’d made some incredible friends on both my course and in my flat. Me and Charlotte immediately became the best of friends cooking our dinner and doing our laundry together.


Charlotte was the same age as me and was originally from Oxford, like our flatmate, Tom who she had been dating a few years before coming to university, they had both put down to study at Southampton, Charlotte to study Film, while Tom, Drama both not thinking they would get their places let alone be in the same flat together. Tom treated her exactly as a boy should treat his girl, a complete gentleman. We all got along well in our flat, until the Halloween party in October.


October 2001


As it was Halloween we decided to throw a Halloween party in our flat. Many people from our courses and in the Kimber building came. The drinks were flowing and everyone was enjoying themselves. Tom stayed with Charlotte the entire night, his hand around her waist letting everyone know that she was his.


I wasn’t one for drinking but I enjoyed socialising and dancing. After a couple of hours and a few drinks I headed back to my room telling Charlotte that I’d be in my room if she needed me as I had a deadline to meet within the next few days.


 I’d just set up my laptop and opened my notebook to begin typing up my essay when Charlotte came rushing into my room, tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Charlotte, what is it? What’s wrong?” I asked her concerned, getting up from my desk to hug her and lead her to sit on the bed. She sat down before speaking.

“It’s…Tom” she said tears streaming down her face.

“What about him?” I asked

“I…I just saw him…kissing another girl” she said between sobs. I was going to kill him! No one treated one of my closest friends like that. Jerk. “I don’t understand, he’s been with you the whole evening, why...why would he kiss another girl?”


Charlotte explained that he had tried to kiss and be forceful with her when he was drunk and that it wasn’t like him. They then got into an argument because they hadn’t been able to see each other as much as they had liked to since they came to uni. He shouted; she got upset and went outside. She hoped he would come out and find her and apologise like he normally did, but he didn’t. She went back inside to go and apologise only to see him kissing another girl and that was how she ended up here in tears.

We spent the rest of the evening talking and watching Bridesmaids. Needless to say none of my work got done that evening but I didn’t care. Charlotte needed me and I was there.

Tom tried to talk to me the next day. I was just making a cup of tea to take with me to my lecture when Tom came into the kitchen dressed in dark jeans and a blue t shirt.

“Morning Soph” he said cheerily. He had a cheek.

`Morning Soph` really Tom? You really expect me to talk to you and be all civilised with you after what you’ve done to Charlotte? You cheated on her!”

“I didn’t mean to I was drunk, I`m so so sorry Sophie” he pleaded with puppy dog eyes. Was he really pulling the puppy eyes on me? Really? It may work for Charlotte, but it certainly wasn’t working for me.

Tom, you shouldn’t be apologising to me, you should be apologising to Charlotte.”


“No, Tom. I have to get to class, talk to Charlotte, I wont forgive you until she does” with that I was out the door on my way to my lesson fuming that he would think to apologise to me. Urgh I was so annoyed.


I came back to the flat after my lecture to find that Charlotte had taken Tom back, claiming that she loved him and that he was sorry. She was silly if you ask me, naïve, vulnerable, she didn’t believe me when I said to her once a cheater, always a cheater until she found out he done it again in which she dumped him for good.


It was weird for a while in our flat after that incident. We all remained friends however as we didn’t want to make it awkward and cause more arguments. Even if I still hadn’t forgiven Tom for what he did to Charlotte I was still civil with him for Charlotte’s sake.


Tom`s POV


As soon as I saw Sophie Evans I fell in love. She was one of my flat mates along with Charlotte and a girl called Emma. Sophie was shy and quiet at first but it was these qualities that made me like her more. Ofcourse, I didn’t act on it as I was with Charlotte. I swallowed my feelings and we all got on well in the flat until the Halloween Party. I was a complete and utter tit that night.


We decided to throw a Halloween party in our flat inviting anyone who wanted to come. The night started off fine, everyone was having a great time. I spent the evening with Charlotte, my hand around her waist letting everyone know that she was mine.


The drinks were flowing and by the time it hit half ten I had had quite a few to drink and was quite drunk. I tended to be more affectionate towards people when I was drunk. Charlotte usually didn’t mind me kissing and showing her affection in public which is why I was shocked when I began kissing her and she kissed me back but then pulled away when my hand moved to her bum. She pulled away and we ended up getting into a huge argument. It started off with the fact that I had started kissing her in public which was silly as she didn’t usually mind it, it then turned into this huge row about how we had barely seen each other since being at university and that I never said I loved her anymore. I shouted and she got upset and went outside to get some fresh air.


We’d never had this big of an argument before and I would usually go out and be the one to apologise. Yes, I was in the wrong but for some reason I didn’t want to make up with her. Instead I done what any other boy would have done, well what any other foolish boy would have done anyway, have another beer and kiss a random girl.


The only problem is you’re not meant to get caught or even do it in the first place. Charlotte was furious. I didn’t blame her, heck I would have been too if I had seen her kissing a random guy.


I woke up with a banging head ache the next morning barely remembering anything until I read a text from Charlotte.


I can’t believe you done that to me after 3 years together, you go and cheat on me, you said you were different, you’re clearly not. Were over. Finished. Don’t talk to me again.


Shit, shit shit. What the hell had I done? It didn’t take long for me to realise what a complete and utter ass id been, kissing some random girl I didn’t know- right infront of Charlotte. Nice one, asshole!


When I finally pulled myself together I slung on a pair of jeans a light blue t shirt and went into the kitchen to grab a class of water and some paracetomal.


I walked into the kitchen and saw Sophie at the counter pouring hot water into a travel cup. She looked so pretty dressed in a pair of black leggings, purple skirt and black t shirt her brown wavy hair down to her shoulders.

“Morning Soph” I said cheerily. I could tell that Charlotte had told her about what happened last night by the way she replied.

`Morning Soph` she said sarcastically “really Tom? You really expect me to talk to you and be all civilised with you after what you’ve done to Charlotte? You cheated on her!” she replied coldly.

“I didn’t mean to I was drunk, I`m so so sorry Sophie” I pleaded with puppy dog eyes. I hated to know that Sophie was upset with me more than Charlotte. I could deal with Charlotte being upset with me because I knew that once I’d  apologised I knew she’d forgive me, but Sophie, she seemed like she wasn’t one to forgive so easily.

Tom, you shouldn’t be apologising to me, you should be apologising to Charlotte.”

“But... Soph” I stuttered.

“No, Tom. I have to get to class, talk to Charlotte, I wont forgive you until she does” she walked out the door without looking back. I stayed in the kitchen for a while nursing a terrible headache. Great, now I had upset both my girlfriend and the girl I was falling for within the space of a night. Great one Tom, just brilliant! Well Done!


After lounging in my room and taming my headache I finally text Charlotte to ask her to meet me so we could talk. We met at Costa and went for a coffee. I bought her some of her favourite flowers, tulips, to apologise. We never fighted for long, we both just lost it last night, well by we I mainly meant me. I hadn’t been that drunk in ages and Charlotte knew that I still loved and cared for her so she took me back and we continued to date for the next few months.


For some reason however, I couldn’t remain happy with her for long, I think we had just begun to drift apart and thought we’d maybe be better off as just friends which I agreed with after yet another long argument about me cheating on her again. I really don’t know why I cheated twice, I really wasn’t one to cheat normally, I believed that you should be faithful to your girlfriend. If I was faithful then why the hell couldn’t I get Sophie out of my head? We were friends but we never saw eye to eye, especially after that incident. We were all civil however as we didn’t want it to be awkward between us.






December 2001:


Sophie’s POV


Being a magazine journalism student I was expected to go and review the universities Christmas production and interview the leads of the show afterwards.


This year it was Romeo and Juliet and guess who was the lead as Romeo? Only Tom Hiddleston. Urgh I sighed when I got told that. I still hadn’t forgiven him for what he had done to Charlotte, I mean we were civil for her sake but we just didn’t get along. He broke her heart.


Can’t I just pretend that it isn’t Tom playing Romeo and pretend its someone else? I need to be professional and write a high standard review but I can’t with that idiot playing the lead. I tried my best to write as many positive comments and points as I could about it. Romeo and Juliet was one of my favourite Shakespeare plays along with Henry V and here he was as the lead, he was good I had to admit but why did he have to be such a jerk in real life? Urgh.


I guess I had to suck it up and treat him as any normal actor. I only wished I didn’t know him as personally as I did.


After the performance I went backstage ready to interview him, he was back wearing his normal clothes, a pair of dark jeans and a light blue t shirt with some sort of writing on rather than his leather costume, his curly blonde hair all over the place crossed legged on a chair waiting for me to come over.


The interview went well, I was professional enough. The performance had made me realise how good of an actor he actually was, his performance was enjoyable and he made me fall in love with his portrayal of Romeo, more than I had with Leonardo Dicaprio and that’s saying something. It seemed Tom was born to be an actor, especially Shakespeare as in a few years time I would fall in love with him all over again with his portrayal of Henry IV and Henry V in the BBC version of The Hollow Crown.


Why did I have this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach? Maybe it was because his performance had moved me a bit. Surely I wasn’t feeling something for Tom in real life, was I? No, ofcourse not, this can’t happen.


After we had finished Tom asked if I wanted to grab something to eat before heading back to the flat. I agreed purely because I was hungry and needed to eat before going back to write up my review and transcribe my interview.


We came out of the drama theatre and walked side by side into town Tom with his hands in his jeans pocket. We had a quick bite at pizza hut before walking back to the flat.


Over dinner I realised I didn’t actually know that much about him, even though i`d been living with him for the past few months. I didn’t really get to see him as he’d always been with Charlotte at the beginning of the term or in rehearsal up till now.


“So how did you get into acting?” I asked casually. He looked up from his pizza and smiled.

“Well my parents divorced when I was thirteen, I was in my final year at Eton and I turned to drama for comfort and ive loved it ever since. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else. I`m really hoping doing drama here at Southampton will give me my break you know? What about you?”

“Same as you really, I’ve always written with having to do English and everything but I didn’t consider it as a career until I had two poems published in year nine and when my parents split up I turned to writing and wrote all my feelings and emotions down rather than having to talk about it. The journalism passion came in through watching TV programmes such as Gilmore Girls and I took media at GCSE and completely fell in love with the subject and creating magazine articles and layouts. I then studied Media Production at college and realised that this was what I wanted to do”. Why was I telling him this, he didn’t need to know my life story. Because he asked you, my consciences yelled back and look at him he’s listening intently to everything you’re saying. I looked up and my conscience was right he was listening intently to everything I was saying.

“You sound like you have a real passion for it, darling, I have faith that you will become the magazine journalist you wish to be.” I blushed. Did he really just complement me? Oh my god what are these feelings im experiencing. Push them back down. You do not feel anything for him. You don’t. You can’t.


After dinner and once we had finished discussing our families and hopes for the future we walked back to our flat and said our goodbyes and goodnights. I went to bed feeling happy with my review and interview but confused about my feelings for Tom. I really couldn’t wait till Christmas. I was ready to go home and spend some time with my family.


Luckily enough for me Christmas was just around the corner and a few weeks later we were saying our goodbyes and have a good Christmases agreeing to all be back before New Years so we could bring in the New Year together.


Tom`s POV


I was ecstatic when I got the role of Romeo in the Christmas production of Romeo and Juliet. Growing up it was one of my favourite Shakespeare plays. Being in the productions at Southampton gave me and the other performers a chance to act on a real stage infront of an audience and get critiqued at the same time.


It was the job of the magazine journalism students to write a review and interview the actors afterwards to give them an idea of what it would be like out in the real world, Sophie was one them. I wanted to give the best performance I could so I could impress Sophie and get a good review. I really liked her.


The performance went well and I had great fun being up on that stage, it felt like home and where I belonged. I only hoped Sophie liked it. I couldn’t wait to see what she thought and what her verdict was.


After the performance I got changed out of my Shakespearean outfit back into my dark jeans and a light blue t shirt and went and sat cross legged in a chair waiting for Sophie to come over and interview me.


Sophie seemed to enjoy it and mentioned one or twice that my performance of Romeo was even better than Leonardo Dicaprio`s which I ofcourse took as a compliment. She did a great job of interviewing me, asking a lot of questions about the role and why I was drawn to it etc.


Once the interview was over I asked her if she wanted to grab a bite to eat before heading back to the flat. She agreed and we set off out the drama theatre and into town to Pizza Hut before walking back to the flat.


Dinner was lovely and gave me a chance to get to know her a bit better. I found out about her family, that she was an only child and that her parents had split up when she had just started secondary school. We had that in common. I also found out why she wanted to become a journalist and that she was inspired from programmes such as Gilmore Girls in which the main character became a journalist. I told her about my parents divorce and how acting was my escape and a bit about my sisters. It was nice to be able to talk to her and I think she thought it was nice too.


After we had eaten we took a slow walk back to the flat saying our goodbyes and goodnights as she had to write her review and transcribe the interview before she went to bed. I liked her even more now I knew a bit more about her and her childhood.  I went back to my room and had a shower and done a bit of reading before going to sleep and dreaming of a little girl with brown hair and bright green eyes.


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