Love Rekindled:A Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction

A/N: Hello darlings, having been stressed out with my personal statement for university I had a dream that I was at university, I couldn’t have told you which university it was, although for this story I`m going to say its Southampton Solent where I really want to go. My friend was in her room crying because she had just seen her boyfriend kissing some girl. This was where the idea came from and I thought why not make it as though Tom was her boyfriend and the one that kissed the girl. It goes back from different time periods from their time at university in 2001 to the year 2013 when Thor 2 is released. This is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy <3


2. Chapter 1-February 2001 <3

Hello dears this is just a fill in chapter and back-story to Sophie getting into Southampton. I know Tom went to Cambridge but for this story and as Southampton is the university I really want to go to I set it at Southampton. I unfortunately do not own Tom Hiddleston just the story and characters of Sophie and Charlotte. Hope you enjoy. Written for my fellow Hiddlestoners. Enjoy darlings. I love you <3


Chapter 1: February 2001


Sophie’s POV


My phone bleeped. 1 new email.UCAS: Something has been changed on your UCAS application. Shit shit, shit! Id spent ages filling out my UCAS application, trying to get my personal statement right. I lost count on how many drafts I had done but after about ten drafts I finally had a decent draft I was happy with. I wanted it out of my hands and sent off before Christmas so I didn’t have to worry about it. What’s done is done I thought.


The hardest thing about my personal statement was that I was applying for two separate courses at five different universities and it was rather difficult to combine both courses into my personal statement. Magazine Journalism at Southampton Solent and Bedfordshire, Creative Writing and Journalism at Middlesex and Creative Writing at Twickenham and Winchester.


I went and looked round Southampton and completely fell in love with the place, with the course. Everything. I knew when I was fourteen that I wanted to go there and the course really appealed to me. I just hoped I had done enough to get accepted.


I’d gotten offers from Middlesex and Twickenham already, I liked the idea of being in or near London so I could still attend my premieres even if I didn’t get into Southampton. Plus the idea of being able to sit down Southbank and write really appealed to me. I loved London. I always had and always would, so if I didn’t get Southampton I would be happy to go to either of the others I had been accepted to.


I hated getting UCAS emails, my future depended on them. I opened my UCAS track and screamed when I saw what was on my screen. Conditional offer: Southampton Solent University to study Magazine Journalism. OH MY GOD!! I went crazy when I got that email. My dream was going to come true. I was going to Southampton Solent University to study Magazine Journalism!


The next few months consisted of making my final choices accepting my place and trying to get my head round the fact that at the age of nineteen I was going to be moving away from home, to a place I barely knew but had fell in love with when I saw it, on my own, having to cook for myself and fend for myself and pay my own rent and generally look after myself. Ok so I was scared and excited at the same time, especially as I was one to get homesick easily. Me and my mum had always been close, but even more so since I was eleven when dad left us for a few years. I remember that time clearly in my head.


I had just started secondary school and he wasn’t around. That was strange. When a few of my friend’s parents split up I thought oh yeah, it won’t happen to me, mum and dad love each other and always will. How wrong I was. In the long run however, it’s made us closer. Mum and dad are as close as they used to be and are still pretty much together; dad just doesn’t live with us.


It was going to be weird saying goodbye to my childhood friends and family and home. I’d lived in Dover my whole life, although I hated the town it would still be sad to leave.


Over the next few months I made the most of the time I still had at home by catching up with my friends, well the friends I had that still lived in or near Dover anyway, most of my college friends had gone to university last year. Lucy was at Brunel in London studying Film and Television Studies, Sophie was at Bournemouth studying Public Relations while Megan stayed local in Canterbury studying Multimedia Journalism. I knew I wouldn’t make friends like them again, and I didn’t want to. I wouldn’t change them for the world.


The good thing about going to Southampton would be that I would be near Sophie if I needed her if I got homesick. Me and Sophie were alike, in many ways than one. Aswell as having the same name, we were both really close to our parents, as was Lucy but with Lucy being the oldest out of the four of us at twenty one she seemed to settle in rather quickly.


September soon approached and in a couple of weeks I’d be at Southampton Solent studying the degree that I’d been dreaming of for five years in hope of getting a career as a magazine journalist. Over the next few weeks I got the last minute essentials that I would need including silly things like toiletries, bedding and kitchen utensils.


The day id been dreading and couldn’t wait for had arrived. September 23rd, the day I was moving to Southampton to university.  We got an early start packing up everything in the car ready to leave for nine in the morning to get there for twelve and start moving my stuff in.


When I found out my flat building and number I started adding people in my flat and course on Facebook to get to know them beforehand. I found that I would be sharing a flat with a couple of girls, Charlotte and Emma and a boy called Tom. Me and Charlotte got talking and swapped numbers so we could text each other on our way there and when we arrived to meet up once our families had left.


I text her when I was halfway there letting her know where I was and that I was nervous and excited and that I couldn’t wait to meet her. She too, like me was a huge film fan and would be studying Film while at Southampton. I liked the idea of hanging about in each others flats or in the common room watching films and having a gossip. I had a feeling that me and Charlotte were going to be as close as me and Lucy are. I was right, even now after all that’s happened were still friends.



We arrived at about half eleven and started unpacking my stuff. My room was small but had the essentials I needed, bed, desk, pin board and en-suite with a toilet and sink. It wasn’t like I was going to be in my room much anyway I’d most likely be in the library doing work.


Me, mum and dad went out to lunch as mum wanted to make sure I’d eaten before her and dad left me on my own. I was starting to get teary as soon as I got there. Knowing that they would be leaving me in a few hours was horrible. Although I was only a few hours away it was going to be weird not being in the same house as mum anymore, her not being there if I needed her. We had a nice lunch before walking through the park and back to my flat.


When we arrived back mum and dad said that they had better get going to dodge the traffic as it was nearing five already and they wouldn’t get home till about eight. I didn’t want them to leave. Tears were starting to prick at my eyes. I may be an adult and nineteen but there was never going to be a time when I didn’t need my mum and dad.


My mum pulled me into a hug as the tears started to fall from both of our cheeks.

“Were both so proud of you remember that. We love you and always will and will support you no matter what”.

“As long as you’re doing what makes you happy we will always support you” said my dad.

“Thankyou for everything, I love you both so much”

“We love you too” they both said in unison,

“If you ever need us then were on the other end of the phone” I smiled letting my dad join in the hug. We stood like that for a good few minutes before dad pulled away saying they had to go. We had our last hugs before they left and as I closed the door I realised that this was it. I now felt like an official adult, and let me tell you, I was scared, nervous and excited as hell.


Tom`s POV


Myself and Charlotte had met during our last few years of sixth form at school. Charlotte had taken Media for A-Level and jumped at the opportunity to make an opening sequence of a film as that was what she wanted to study at university. She was put into a group with our mutual friend Adam but it turned out that they needed an extra boy in group and Adam asked me to do it. I agreed thinking it would look good on my CV.


I wasn’t very popular at school nor was I one of the good looking boys; I had a goofy smile and blonde curly hair. No one would ever fancy me. I always used to crack jokes between my group of friends to lighten the mood. Charlotte was one of the popular girls at school and you could certainly see why, long blonde hair, an amazing figure, she was beautiful. She was stuck up at first and I didn’t really take a shine to her but we soon began to get along and I finally built up the courage to ask her out once we had finished filming.


She finally agreed and we went out to dinner and enjoyed each others company. We then began to see more of each other. She was a really nice girl. We began dating shortly afterwards and did until we finished sixth form.


We broke up for a while once we left school thinking we wouldn’t seen each other again. Little did we know that we had both applied and would both get into Southampton Solent University, myself to study Drama whilst Charlotte wanted to study Film let alone be in the same flat. That was just a coincidence.


I originally applied for The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts but didn’t get past the audition process because I wasn’t what they were after that year. I was gutted but they informed me that I would be kept on their records and a letter would be sent to me if I got offered a place next year.


I was gutted but applied for five different universities anyway, Southampton being one of them and my first choice. I didn’t realise that Charlotte had there until she rang me and let me know.


We were both really excited and really hoped that we’d still be as close as we were at school. I was looking forward to moving from Oxford to Southampton. I’d grown up in Oxford with my mum, Diana, dad, James and two sisters, Emma and Sarah. I was the middle child and the only boy in the family. I didn’t mind however as I got on well with both of my sisters. We used to have great fun putting on shows whilst growing up.


Mum and dad divorced when I was thirteen, I was studying at Eton at the time and I took it really badly but threw myself into acting to take my mind off it.


Southampton would be a change of scenery, a place where no one knew me, a place I could be a completely different person. I was looking forward to seeing what the next few years would bring.

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