Liam Loves Me.

Valentine Story,chapter only.


1. Mine!

Alison's POV

I was on my way out of the school when,someone swept me off my feet,bridal style."Hello"The person into my ear,causing me to giggle softly."Its me"He whispered into my hair."Hello you!"I say squirming out of Liam's grasp."Whats wrong?"He says looking at me."Nothing,I just dont feel good.I say walking home,with Liam behind me."I'm sorry"he says and picks me up again and carrys me home."Liam?You dont have to...."I say kissing his cheek.He was still carrying me."Your as light as a feather,Ali!"He exclaimed."Oh Liam James Payne.."I say resting my head on his shoulder as he carried me to my house."Ali?"He said. He looked troubled for some reason."Yes?"I say lifting my head up."Do you love me?"He questioned me."Liam!"I say nearly jumping out of his arms."I love you to death! I'd with you or for you,your my life,your my smile.I dont know how I could live without you,I'd be lost,and stumble everywhere.I'd be chasing everything and everyone,if you werent here.Your mine."I say kissing his lips softly.He put me down and we walked home hand in hand,my head resting on his biceps.Tomorrow was our anniversary,Valentines day.


Liams POV

After I dropped Alison off I layed in my bed thinking about her.She made me smile.And when she said those words to me,I almost cried.It was getting late,but I needed to suprise Ali.We've been dating for 6 years.Since 6th grade.Yeah we may have been kids,but I actually believed in lvoe when I layed my eyes on Alison.Were seniors now.We both graduate next month.I planned on proposing to Alison once she turns 21.And she's 19! "Liam James Payne!"I heard my mum yell."Yes?"I yelled back."I've been calling your names for 3 minutes now! C'mon down!"She yelled back."Coming"I say,jumping out of my bed and running downstairs."Yes?"I say looking at my mum."What did you want to get Alison tomorrow?"She asked me while cleaning the counters."Well I was thinking I could order her a bouquet of Iris,and get her a promise ring,and take her out.." I finished and looked at my mum."Wow"She said looking at me."I hope you saved your money!"She said laughing.I laughed to."Nice one! And yes I did!"I say back."Could you help me order the ring?"I pleaded her."I got the bouquet and the dinner payed already and after that,I'm going to suprise her and take her to a hotel,In California,for 2 days.on the weekend."I say to her."Liam?"She says looking at me."Alison is very lucky,just dont go to crazy with money".I nodded yes and go to my room and look for a ring."Aha!"I yelled."I found it! After 2 hours of looking I created the perfect ring.In diamond lettering it read 'Liam+Alison=<3' I smiled at myself.

Alison POV

"ALI WAKE UP!"My mum screamed and opened my doorr.She had a huge smile on her face ."Whhaaat?"I say groaning and putting the sheets over my head.'Look!"She exclaimed,I looked up and saw.. Iris's.I smelled them and read the note it read 'Dear the love of my life,I hope you love these,but I love you more! Yours forever,Liam<3' "Awww!"I say."He's so cheesy!"I say getting dresssed.But I I will always love Liam James Payne,forever<3 and ever.


That up there,what you just read was 5 years ago.Liam and I are married now.We have 4 children."You'll always be mine"Liam says sealing a kiss on my lips.

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